New MW3 custom mode ahead of content drop

This week will sees a new Modern Warfare 3 custom mode ahead of upcoming content drop, and we are interested to see what is involved in the content since Infinity Ward revealed the latest round of MW3 DLC for Xbox 360 and PS3 Call of Duty Elite members.

From tomorrow Tuesday the 17th of July Xbox owners will get the opportunity to access two new and one fan favorite multiplayer map, plus a fresh Spec Ops mission, with MW2’s Terminal map releasing the next day for non-Elite 360 users. On the Thursday the 19th of July PS3 Elite members will be able to access the Elite content that hit Xbox 360 last month, which includes a Spec Ops mission known as Arctic Recon and three Face Off maps Vortex. U-Turn, Intersection.

Full details of this are explained on CVG along with screens, and information on Elite Drop 16: Decommission, 17: Offshore, 18: Vertigo and Terminal are all documented. The new Modern Warfare 3 custom mode titled ‘Money in The Denk’ crafted by YouTuber DenkOps, is making the rounds in the community as one of the more exciting new custom modes and this is currently being considered by Infinity Ward.

Highlighting how you set up the mode in private matches MPst report on the poll that ended two days ago, the top three most requested modes are Snipers only/No Snipers (41%), MLG Rules/Competitive mode (32%) and Assassin, support streak, deathstreak, blind eye free (12%). This site looks to be one of many keeping an eye out to see if ‘Money in The Denk’ makes its way to public matches. What do you think about the maps? Do you feel any of them a have a familiar style?