Resident Evil 6 and fan satisfaction struggle

It seems as if Capcom are trying their best to show evolution to the series and keep fans of the familiar style happy with Resident Evil 6, and this shows that they have really gone to town in creating a healthy balance that will not only introduce modern elements to the game, but also keep loyal followers satisfied.

Without trying to alter too much of what Resident Evil fans have loved in the past, Capcom showed off two new portions of levels from the game’s campaign at this year’s Comic Con and Gamerant preview the new gameplay along with an Ada Wong tease. One of the segments taken from Chris’ story and the other from Leon’s, and Leon’s part showed his encounters fighting his way through the underground subway tunnel, giving viewers a feeling that Capcom are returning to the RE horror roots like they said they would.

The atmosphere is classed as moody in the abandoned subway scenario and there is plenty of tension involved with the odd train passing giving a reason for the typical Resident Evil quick time dodging, although it has been said that more zombies were expected here and the combat seemed to be not as refined as they had reason to believe. Gameplay enhancements weren’t shown to their fullest in this brief demo yet the first example of dual wielding was seen here even though Capcom preferred showing off the new dodge maneuvers.

Chis’ part was a totally different story and there is a discussion about how Capcom has realized that fans have complained about this being too action-focused and more exploration was experienced in this segment as Chris and his team being hunted by a giant snake-like creature. This brought back the feeling of a classic Resident Evil and although the demo was cut off before the end boss fight was underway, the general feeling was that RE fans would be content with this part of the game.

With Capcom not revealing it outright, news that players could get the chance to play as Ada Wong is a welcome sign and this could be swapped in through DLC or other suggestions refer to this being a small playable sequence in the game, which will also be a nice touch. Some fans may be a bit skeptical about this game being too action focused and the continuous quick-time events, yet many are more interested in seeing how this new skill system works.

At the beginning of the month we looked at 2 new Resident Evil 6 videos and dissected them for our readers to evaluate and although there have been some negative comments about this game this is still fairing up to be a decent addition to the RE franchise, and we are expecting it to be a big hit. Would you like to play Ada Wong as a surprise fourth part to the game? Maybe you waiting to play it before you listen to anyone pass judgment on it.

  • Pollux777

    Well, I am of the biggest fan of the franchise and I say: This games looks absolutely amazing.