Skyrim on PS Vita equals Holiday season dominance

Those who have not invested in the PS Vita yet may think again if their favorite games like Skyrim could be played via RemotePlay, and we can imagine what effect this would have on the sales figures of the handheld. With this support, the Vita is bound to get more attention as interest in this portable console is already starting to gather momentum.

It was only a few days ago that we saw footage of Left 4 Dead being run on the Vita, through Remote Play and now there is a video from Youtuber, EyePatchCars, showing footage of Skyrim being played. At the moment, it looks a bit rough as far as the controls are concerned but mention that this should be improved and adapted giving consumers another reason to pick up a PS Vita this holiday.

Hoping that this will be considered and advertised, you could see this becoming a force to be reckoned with during the Holiday season, and when you take into account the power of the Vita many gamers will feel that there is no reason for this not to be pushed. News of Skyrim being played on the Vita via RemotePlay is also documented on The Verge, and although it is not known when this function will be available to the public, the video shows great potential. Sony has shown off the PS Vita running PlayStation 3 games via the Vita’s RemotePlay before, but no confirmation has come about when we can experience this.

Some gamers feel that the Remote Play capabilities were one of the main reasons for their initial purchase of the Vita, so they are concerned that Sony has gone quiet about this since E3. There is an expectation that more on this feature will be revealed before the end of the year. With the topic of potential still in mind we thought this would be a good opportunity to refer back to last weeks post on PS Vita games.

In this we spoke about more quality games that would entice further sales of the handheld and in this we mentioned a few that we feel would be machine sellers along with some upcoming titles that are expected to make an impact. Can you see RemotePlay support for games like Skyrim assisting the sales figures of the PS Vita?

  • Tommy

    This site is seriously ps vita fanboyish. All you people write about is how gamers should pick up the vita. Be an actual game site and bring actual game news.

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      The Vita deserves hardcore fanatical praise, it’s the single greatest gaming device released in the past decade in terms of hardware and design and its launch window lineup is the best of any console in history; I’m sure by the end of its life it’ll compare pretty favorably to any of the Playstation consoles in the past.
      It’s pretty much ten times as powerful as a 3DS, cost just as much as it when it launched and it gets better battery life, its screen is sooo much better than the 3DS’, oh and its control inputs are better. It’s the most well-thought-out and future-proofed system it possibly could’ve been. In half an hour I can draw out detailed design documents for a handheld superior to the 3DS. I really can’t improve upon the Vita’s design, it’s just a perfect little piece of kit.
      The 3DS vs Vita comparison single-handedly ruined all the work Nintendo had put into building up my fanboy lurve of the company, there’s just no contest. The Vita’s a spectacular piece of kit and it deserves all the support it can get.

      • Tommy

        First of all, I never said the 3ds was better than the ps vita. I said this site fanboyish because of the ps vita news it posts. Second, you are sad ps vita owner who is angry at sony for screwing him over on a $350 purchase. You think the ps vita is doing great, why is it being beat my the 3ds? Why is it being beat by the psp? And again the ps vita isn’t the “best handheld ever” it has lots of flaws.

        1, its too big and itsn’t pocket friendly.

        2, Its browser sucks

        3, some buttons are hard to press

        4, near doesn’t work.

        5, And yes, IT HAS NO GAMES (till ac 3 liberation comes out)

        To  further my explanation, sites like this have to write artiles such as this one to support the vita so people like you don’t feel bad about wasting their money. Do yourself a favour and take this humbly. THe vita isn’t the best handheld ever but that doesn’t mean its the worst…..or is it.

  • Gregalex8

    remote play

  • Gregalex8

    screw tommy comments……remote play will be the best thing happen to the vita.SONY PLEASE WAKE give us gamers what we need.