MW3 terminal highlights camping problem

A recent online gameplay YouTube video by WKDGamerHD explains some of the troubles concerning the DLC map Terminal in Modern Warfare 3, as there has been plenty of frustration with the amount of camping involved. Taking his remarks on board it seems that this experience has prompted him to put an example of this online for all see.

Regarding this as the same as the MW2 map the updated graphics and some new areas are an improvement, although many maps contained in Modern Warfare 2 are classed as some of the best maps in the franchise. Plenty of quick scoping can be experienced on this yet this is still viewed as a skillful technique and the hard scoping is one that seems to get on his wick.

This map shows that sitting with sniper rifles is more evident and questions have been asked about whether the servers are an issue, as the need to try and sponge everything has made him sit and sweat for a bit in order to get a few kills. Mentioning other maps like Wasteland and Highrise, he speaks about how great this one is and feels that some of the maps in Modern Warfare 2 are the best ever.

In other relative news, yesterday we wrote about the new MW3 custom mode ahead of the content drop and this mode titled ‘Money in The Denk’ is crafted by YouTuber DenkOps. Currently finding its way around the internet it looks to be one of the more exciting new custom modes and we are interested to see if it makes its way to public matches. Does the amount of camping that has been documented concern you? What maps would you like to be brought back?

  • Graham Keith Hill

    thanx for mentioneing me in your post its much appreciated

  • E Black82

    U like quick scopers but u hate hard scopers haha get a life muppet. Quick scoping is for pussies who can only get kills with a single bullet gun. grow a set and EAD

  • Graham Keith Hill

    lol talk some sense hard scoping requires sitting there not doin nothing qwuick scoping prooves you have fast reflexes etc i take it you like to camp and hard scope by your response

  • Richard

    Their is no skill to quickscoping! A quick tap on the LT and then RT does not show skill! Anyone can quickscope! My friend cant even aim a gun let alone kill somone but when he played Quick scopping on a private match the aim assist aimed his gun right at my head! Quick scopping is the cheapiest way to get kills for the unskilled due to the over powered aim assist!

  • Graham Keith Hill

    i agree auto aim is retarded