Success of Amazing Alex on android

Every now and than an app makes an appearance and just steam-rolls the audience with an inventive and addictive style that makes it a success, and the same can be said for Amazing Alex on Android, which looks set to be another big title made by Rovio. You cannot deny how popular Angry Birds has become and this new title is on its way to become a big hit already.

Amazing Alex has topped the iPhone download charts in 35 countries and the iPad charts in 50 and Rovio’s new game has climbed to the top of the charts almost on release. This makes us wonder if it would have got the same reception if this didn’t have any relationship with Angry Birds, and Mobot document its success as it is the fifth in the top paid-for apps chart on Android.

Apparently, Andriod users are less likely to shell out for apps, so this is what one could refer to as an amazing success. This simple puzzle game revolves around you helping Alex solve tasks in his bedroom and this is a good sign when you get to see a company add to its recent popularity and come out with another decent app.

Regarding this as a worthy successor to Angry Birds India Times report on the connection between the popular titles containing a similar user interface and a familiar heavy-on-gloss animation, giving them reason to feel that if something isn’t broke then why fix it, even if many are expecting something different. This is where they highlight the various changes that make this an authentic experience.

The first few levels are said to be a bit on the boring side, but this is an ideal way to get you ready for the latter ones, as you put items in their outlined destination with all manner of revolving, swinging, and bouncing objects to encounter creating a domino effect in order to progress. With a total of 100 levels, there are different ways of clearing each level making this a thought provoking addictive puzzle game.

User-generated challenges play a part in Rovio’s attempt to make this fresh and challenging and this viewed as a great successor to Angry Birds. Last week we wrote about the key to Amazing Alex’s success taking advantage of the established user base of their previous games and their marketing strategies, so other angles may be contemplated for the future. Do you think Amazing Alex will escalate into a popular brand?