Diablo 3 fatality highlights playing habits

Even with the negative press that Diablo 3 has received of late it still doesn’t mean that the game is not popular, and if you need proof of this then the news of a man dying while playing Blizzard’s latest game for two days straight might convince you otherwise. However, let’s not suggest that such playing habits was the main cause of the fatality, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it highlights the issue.

We do find it disturbing how certain individuals have something negative to say about this news, because with have to remember that a man has died and is nothing to make fun of. Some people have been saying that what did the man expect playing a game for two days straight with no sleep, food or water.

Okay, so we know that doing such a thing is both silly and dangerous, but there would have had to be other factors that led to his death. I’m no doctor but going without sleep for two days will not kill you and you can go 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. However, this will vary on your level of fitness and the climate and other conditions.

If you add all these up then the thought of playing a game for two days solid will effect your health no matter how fit you are, but one must presume that the gentleman simply known as Chuang had an underlying medical condition.

While this is sad news it does get annoying when you get certain people suggesting that a game like Diablo 3 is bad for your health if played for too long. Okay, we know that they are correct and if you feel tired you should stop playing, if you’re hungry get something to eat and if you’re thirsty grab yourself a drink, but to be treated like a child and being told to be careful while playing such games kind of undermines your intelligence.

We’re told that the cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but DVT is said to be the main cause, as we know that spending too much time seated in the same position could cause a blood clot, which is very similar to what some passengers have been known to get while traveling on a plane.

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    Mr. Hammer is right, therefore it’s HAMMER TIME!

    Also, games do have warning labels within the booklets, and often before the loading of logos and engines and stuff.

    People die of similar effects at casinos, in planes, cars, buses and even while playing OTHER video games, like Civ or Sims, etc.

    Yes, this story is sad, but to use it for more Diablo-bashing is a bit shameless.

    And we all know what the real question is…

    Did he drop loot?

  • Nozlaf

    anyone know if he dropped any good loot?