iPhone 5 display inadequacies

Even though the release date of the iPhone is a hugely discussed topic the one that seems to have our attention more is what size the screen will be. The smart money would be that Apple would increase its size to something a little closer to their rivals, but looking at a recent image leak it seems to show the display inadequacies of the iPhone 5.

Being an iPhone owner since day one we have seen many aspects of the device with each upgrade, all to give you a much better experience. Gaming has been a huge priority for Apple over the years and as such upgraded key areas such as software, CPU, GPU and the display, That upgrade to the display was to the Retina screen, but what has confused us over the past couple of new versions of the iPhone is Apple’s arrogance to stick with the same display size.

The current screen size is 3.5 inches and the overall size is 4.5 inches, but when placed next to the handset above it’s only then that you get a real idea about how inadequate that screen size really is. Now if you are just a general smartphone user, such as making calls, sending text messages and even playing the occasional app then the current size might not be an issue and will be preferred because of being more compact in size and more comfortable in your pocket. However, if gaming is your thing then Apple really needs to make a change and if that leaked image (see below) is the real deal then the iPhone 5 might struggle when compared to rival handsets.

It’s no secret that Samsung is beginning to take a real chunk of the smartphone market away from Apple now; this is because they cater for a range of different needs. They have smaller cheaper devices like the Galaxy Ace along with the larger more expensive Galaxy S3, both cater for different markets and it’s this issue that we could still face with the iPhone 5.

If Apple wants to be able to give their customers a greater choice then they need to make the current iPhone 4S as their cheaper Ace like device and then offer a larger iPhone 5 to counter the attack form the Galaxy S3 and other such smartphone rivals.

What is the perfect screen size for the iPhone 5? This is the $64,000 question and one that is a little hard to answer. It’s no secret that 3.5 inches is considered a joke when gaming on that size screen but something as large as the Galaxy Note 2 with its rumored 5.5-inch display is taking things a little too far and is starting to get boarder on the insane for some. Personally we feel that a 4.5-inch screen for the next iPhone would be the perfect size but would you agree?