Ouya kickstarter clarification and skepticism

Slated for release in March 2013, Ouya is an upcoming video game console built upon open-source technology running on the Android mobile operating system, and recent comments regarding the firm seeking out additional funds are quoted as misunderstood. The creators of this console have recently clarified that outside Kickstarter they are not looking for further investment.

Game industry veteran Julie Uhrman, is behind this project and speaks out about the company’s priority to build a “great game console while engaging in our on-going Kickstarter campaign.” In an article on CVG, they highlight this U-turn on their investment statement and document Uhrman’s comments on the progress that has helped them go from a functional prototype to a product on the market, with the assistance of Kickstarter.

Mentioning that initial funds from friends and family got the ball rolling Julie Uhrman also talks about backing from investors like Digg founder Jay Adelson, Jawbone founder Hosain Rahman, and Flixster founder Joe Greenstein. Skepticism concerning this console has had queries about the actual need for this, as some may feel that if they want play Android games on the television there is not much stopping them from hooking their phone up to a TV already.

A report of CBSNEWS relates to the amount the Ouya Kickstarter video game console has collected with over $5 million in pledges, and this has gone way over their original goal of $950,000. The way Kickstarter works is by giving anyone the opportunity to present them with a project on the site, set a goal, and once this has been achieved, the project gets funded.

Other than the experience of tablets, phones and the web, this project is expecting to re-ignite development of games for TV. In relation to this, last week we wrote about unfounded fears of this being harmful to established consoles, and although this is a nice bit of kit that is expected to be sold cheaply, we cannot see this being a concern for the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. What do you thing about the Ouya? Can you see this becoming a console to rival others?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Dunn/1196540875 Stephen Dunn

    I think Ouya could take off, I really hope it does! I’m a xbox360 owner and I’m on it most nights however I’m annoyed at the AAA titles that promise so much and cost so much and deliver so little, apart from a few here and there. I think an open platform that could open up the gaming industry to younger kids who may not have access/funds for a university degree. This console is perfect for indie developers and as we know indies are more willing to take risks and think outside the box than it’s playing it safe counter parts. I just hope Ouya isn’t too under powered.