Black Ops 2 and PS3 fan dissatisfaction

With many PlayStation 3 fans complaining about Xbox favoritism on the official Black Ops 2 forums, many replies accumulated by PS3 users are complaining about Treyarch’s way of handling their the community on the platform. Attracting over 208 responses, many of these are from disgruntled fans who are not satisfied with their treatment.

It’s fair to say that the questionable launch of the original Black Ops on the PS3, and the infamous Microsoft Activision exclusivity deal, have added to the current situation and a report on MP1st documents the response from Treyarch via Game Design Director, David Vonderhaar. Highlighting his recent tweets about informing Xbox Live fans of issues, he mentions “When the PSN melts down, I’ll be doing the same thing.” Asked about the lack of PS3 developers from Treyarch being active on the forums, Vahn explained that very few people are spokespeople and permitted to talk to the community. We have three community people who manage the forums on a day-to-day basis.

Many of his responses that are discussed on this site have been so defensive that it seems like he has been wound up to the point that a professional reply seems to have turned into sarcasm. Some gamers have mentioned that those upset by the way they are treated can make a stand by boycotting this title, although a large portion of CoD players are not interested in complaining on forums, and in relation to this being an unprofessional response by Treyarch it seems like some of the fans replies were negative enough to promote an adverse reaction.

In other news, our recent post on Halo 4 holding more anticipation than Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 among Xbox fans comes as no surprise to many and a survey carried out by research firm Nielsen reports these figures. These are two of three games that the majority of fans are looking forward to with Assassin’s Creed 3 also featuring highly. Which of these games are you looking forward to the most? In addition, what do you think about the treatment of PS3 fans by Treyarch?

  • John Smith

    Its quite simply… Microsoft waste their money on exclusivity for things such as CoD DLC and Minecraft whilst Sony invest money into first party games which are freeking awesome! So yeah I couldn’t care about the DLC any way even though I love the zombie mode Treyarch have created.

    • Olliethemute

      Hehe so true.

  • Michael Wood

    You fail to give any examples.  On the CoD boards on Playstation’s official forums, there’s almost no complaints about exclusivity.  Microsoft paid a lot of money for it…so what?  The game runs on the same crappy P2P servers on XBLA that it does on PSN. 

    The difference is in the timed exclusivity of DLC, and that’s more to Activision’s detriment, as a lot of PS3 Elite subscribers won’t be renewing because Activision lied to them, claiming that they wouldn’t have to wait for DLC anymore (page 4, Elite Founders Manual that came with MW3 Hardened Edition).

    Personally, I haven’t bought Elite for either my PSN or XBL accounts, and I haven’t bought any DLC for either as well.  But other than that, I’ve not encountered any complaints at all.  I’m sure there are some butthurt PS3 fanboys, but they should just play something else if they’re all upset about it.

  • Seeds12

    Don’t really care being a PS3 owner. I chose the console if I’m that bothered I’d buy an Xbox. But I prefer just the look and the way the ps3 operates. Beside COD is appalling because they have realeased so many since the first modern warfare, same game, same engine, just more gimmicks. So bored of COD and any shooters. Something needs to be reworked for me to buy another FPS like something we have never seen before as battlefield, medal of honor and cod are similar. Tht won’t happen until the new PS4 and Xbox whatever comes out so shooters for me are dead until that happens with a revolutionary new shooter.

  • Kevin Meeks

    I think treyarch does favor different systems and I think it sucks that ps3 owners get treated like the redheaded step children of the family. Screw treyarch and activision. I won’t be buying the new game.

  • Chris Zehner

    PS3 blows big donkey balls

  • Aakash

    COD makes us(PS3 owners) feel like we are buying their game for free.COD and thier favourite Shitbox can go to hell. I am not buying any new COD game.

  • xbox360

    Oh it isnt even a big deal, xbox owners pay for xbox live, and of course since xbox is the most popular console there going to go for the big bucks, besides it probably wont change becuase of all the contracts microsoft has with lots of companies, deal with it until next gen.