Concerns over PS Vita sales data

Recent reports inform us that less than 800,000 PlayStation Vita units have been sold across Japan in the past six months amounting in some concerns over this sales data, although Sony Japan has informed a popular magazine that the figures are in line with internal projections.

This quote by Sony is according to the translation, as Japanese magazine Famitsu suggests that the system has sold about 790,000 units, although global sales are revealed to be somewhere in the region of two million PS Vita units. CVG report on these figures and take into account the 17 million Nintendo 3DS handhelds sold by the same period, yet this console had a head start launching several months before the Vita.

To get an overall perspective the original PSP has sold more than 71 million units in its eight years on the market and the recent release of Persona 4 The Golden has managed to shift 189,000 units since June 14th, so this title is the best-selling PS Vita game in Japan for the year so far. With Hot Shots Golf 6 (118,985) in second place, Uncharted Golden Abyss (89,390) third and Gravity Daze/Rush in fourth with 74,785 sold.

Responses to the sales of Sony’s latest handheld have been varied with some gamers holding tight for the Vita to drop or come in more attractive bundles, and with Black Friday coming up many will wait to see what offers are available after the holidays. This is part of an ongoing desire by the public for Sony to reduce the price, as this will initiate an increase in overall sales as well as the install base, and $200 is a price that could entice more customers.

Sticking with the subject of sales our recent post about Skyrim on PS Vita would be another way to increase Vita sales, as games that are more appealing like this and other fan favorites could be a great way to promote the handheld. Previously we spoke about how many Vita fans would appreciate the Angry Birds Trilogy, although this could be more to do with a large Angry Birds fan base. Do you feel that the sales figures are a concern for Sony? Or maybe you feel that the PS Vita is starting to gather momentum that will stand the test of time.

  • Vernon Pillay

    I noticed that the PS Vita is picking up momentum. When an exclusive MGS title, dare I say Peace Walker 2, is slated for Vita then this will see a significant rise in hardware sales. Add to this a Tekken Title, an exclusive Gran Turismo Vita Title and maybe a Quantic Dreams title then Vita will be competing with the PS3 and other console wanna-bees and the real mcCoys

  • Tommy

    This is just sad, u see 790,000 and ask us if it is gathering momentum. You people suck, turn yourself into PSVITA INTERTAINMENT