Development of EA UFC and necessary tools

News that Electronic Arts will be using a top of the range fight team to build the new UFC is a welcome sign for fans wondering about the future of this franchise, and this team will involve general manager Dean Richards and creative director Brian Hayes who led gameplay design on Fight Night Round 4 and Fight Night Champion.

EA Tiburon made EA Sports MMA, which was a decent contender to THQ’s best-selling UFC series, and now that Electronic Arts has signed the official UFC license, we can expect a fresh approach to the franchise. Commenting on the tools to make this a big hit Eurogamer mentions the excitement that revolves around the team since the announcement, and their aim to bring the UFC video game experience to new heights.

The tools to create a great game will be relative to the Fight Night Total Punch Control mechanic that uses the right thumbstick to aim and throw punches, and with FN Round 4 and FN Champion the development of these titles are evident adding lavish visuals and bone-crunching brutality along with deep multiplayer integration and even a story mode. Some may feel that if development on the next UFC game has just started then this title could end up on next-generation consoles as well as current ones.

Planet PlayStation are under the impression that this will be the best sim sports fighter ever and this could be down to the success of Fight Night, as EA has revolutionized many things in sports gaming and Total Punch Control is one of the main improvements along with full-on physics, amazing presentation, and fully featured game modes on and offline. Boxing fans also seemed impressed with these features and now UFC enthusiasts will get the opportunity to embrace that feeling of control including stability online.

Last month we looked at this game touted to play much like EA’s MMA and with the background of this adding to the progress from the Fight Night series the new UFC title looks set to be a knockout. Do you think EA will do a great job with the Ultimate Fight Championships? What else do you think they should introduce to put their own stamp on it?