November Wii U release window gains credibility

Speculation surrounding the release date of the Nintendo Wii U has hinted at the month of November for some time now and as further rumors revolve around this time, we are interested to see where this information is coming from. Recently Sega published an upcoming game launch that included the Wii U console around the same period, although was quickly claimed to be a mistake.

More recently, a press release from Rise of the Guardians developer D3 publisher claimed that the game and the console are due to launch on the 23rd of November and according to Nintendo; the next-generation console will have an end of 2012 release. In an article on Mobile and Apps, they report on the month of November cropping up on a regular basis giving them reason to think this is a credible time bracket for the Wii U to make its appearance.

A November launch would coincide with the console making its mark for the holidays yet some developers have said that production of cross-platform titles releasing on Wii is slightly behind current-generation HD console versions. Speculating on a possible end of November launch some may feel that titles are being targeted to arrive at this time, although questions have asked about whether the development for the Wii U is difficult compares to current consoles, and if games are going to be bundled with the console.

An official date has been expected from Nintendo for a while and it seems like the interest that was accumulated from E3 is starting to die down, which could be a problem for Nintendo along with the price. The Rise of the Guardians game is slated for release on the 23rd of November on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and DS and this is not suspected to be a title that the Wii U requires to capture an audience.

In relation to the credibility of this release window at the beginning of the week, we informed our readers about Sega’s Wii U console gaffe and this being part of a release date in which they detail Wreck-It Ralph’s inclusion in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Do you think that the Wii U will come out in November? Why do you think Nintendo are holding out for a date?

  • Croaxleigh

    Everyone’s making a big deal about a date not having been announced yet, but the exact same thing happened with the Wii. The console wasn’t given a date until just a few months before release; likely the same thing will happen here and we’ll get an official date sometime in September.