Resolving Xbox Live Security with new update

Upgrades to the security on the Xbox Live have been announced by Microsoft recommending that all users change their passwords. The new update will improve the safety on this service and notifications of this are posted on a blog post from Xbox Live general manager Alex Garden.

Microsoft will also give users the opportunity to set a unique security code to be sent to their phone or email in order to verify purchases and account changes. Reporting this IGN mention that Microsoft has also taken legal action to pull down publicly posted gamertags, usernames and passwords and is also prosecuting anyone who is selling or buying Xbox Live accounts, which has been a regular occurrence of late.

Alex Garden informs users that “many of the security enhancements and recovery processes are dependent on our members having valid, up-to-date security information in place”, he then goes on to advise all customers that they should check their account info on to verify that it is current and change their password if they haven’t done so already. Updating account security proofs is also a recommendation along with the obvious need to use a unique password.

A few comments regarding this latest update has not cause as bigger issue as expected with many gamers feeling that it is time to change their information, although some have suggested that CC stays on the hard drive even after you delete it. Others welcome the news informing them of updates to security giving them more faith in Xbox Live. What about you, do feel that it is about time to change your security settings? Are you glad to see Microsoft using the precautions necessary to maintain safe gaming?