Visualizing new MW3 DLC, including Terminal

The new content drop for Modern Warfare 3 has arrived and now you will be able to make use of two new multiplayer maps and a return of a fan favorite from MW2, and that’s Terminal. The other two are Offshore and Decommission, all of which you can see gameplay footage of below. There’s also that new Spec Ops mission called Vertigo in this latest MW3 DLC thrown in for good measure as well.

We’d love to know what you think of these new maps along with the return of a fan favorite as the hype has been pretty positive so far for Terminal, so would be good to see if the map is still as popular as it once was? The Offshore gameplay footage runs for 1:42, Decommission for 5:04 and Terminal for 1:36.

We’re told that the spawns in Terminal are pretty easy to predict, although a little harder than they were in Modern Warfare 2. From what we can see there have been some minor changes to the graphics, with the map having a darker finish to it. Premium Elite members were able to download the map a couple of days ago and yesterday for everyone else.

Offshore sees you trapped on an oil rig and because you’re in the middle of the ocean the only way for you to head to is directly towards your enemies, so be prepared for the onslaught that ensues. If you love sniping your foe then there are plenty of places to camp, which as we know is a bit of a problem with the Terminal map if you hate campers.

As for Decommission this sees you in a ship graveyard, which makes it ideal for those who love choke points. From the three maps, which would you say appeals to you the most?