Battlefield 3 Armored Kill vehicles and locations footage

Yesterday DICE and EA revealed a brand new gameplay trailer featuring two maps from Battlefield 3’s DLC Armored Kill, and we are eager to see what is involved as far as new vehicles, locations and gameplay changes are concerned.

This expansion pack is expected to include some of the largest Battlefield maps and Bandar Desert is one of them contained in the upcoming DLC. Looking at some great screenshots dissected by MP1st, we get an insight into the names of the vehicles along with Bandar Desert and Alborz Mountain gameplay trailer analysis. The brand new snow-covered map, Alborz Mountain looks like one to get fans interested as the tall frosty peaks, narrow mountain passages, densely forested areas and frozen lakes are visually captivating.

Maps like this are destined to create some unique gameplay experiences and the first gameplay trailer of the snow map contains everything from jets to tanks and choppers, and fans who have been hoping for this to come since the arrival of Battlefield 3 will be content with this DLC. MP1st also mention that Armored Kill also introduces a brand new mode known as Tank Superiority, and in this massive vehicles encounter each other in order to control key areas of the map.

In relation to the largest map, last week we informed our readers about the inspiration behind Bandar Desert with some informative comments taken from designer Inge Jøran Holberg. Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is due out this September and those who are getting impatient can watch the embedded video below and give us your thoughts. Are you looking forward to this expansion pack?


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