Ouya kickstarter has next-gen potential

The more we hear about this console the less skepticism we have for it, and although warming to the Android-based Ouya may take some time, recent claims that this could be the real next generation gaming device have us intrigued to find out more. When someone suggests that this should be considered rather than the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 an explanation is required for such an assumption.

The Ouya sounds good, but at the moment, I am just talking about the pronunciation of the word, as it sounds like a winning expression made when achieving a sporting task or one of those getting to second base phrases you share with friends. Apparently, Ouya has next-gen potential and Pocket Gamer report on Astrogun’s opinion that we should forget about other imminent consoles, as CEO Xander Davis lets us in on his thoughts about US start up Astrogun being a small studio with big plans.

Currently working on its iOS debut, the team behind this have plans to release a launch title for the forthcoming Ouya console, and with high expectations the company hope that the IP it creates will spread to comics, movies and much more. Davis explains the goals and expects an Ouya launch title before the console even hits retail. His ambitions for this are limitless and making games at this level of fidelity on so many different platforms is very exciting.

Davis brands physical media as ‘over’ and aims to capture both core and casual gamers in the future as creating big titles is the direction that they want to move in. He also talks about the excitement that revolves around the iOS App Store compared to that with the XBLA. This extensive article also mentions free to play games being an incentive and our recent post talks about clarification as far as addition funds are concerned along with the skepticism surrounding this console. The Ouya also seems like an ideal console for indie developers. Do you hope that this becomes a success story?