GTA 5 changeable weather and its effects

The need for more Grand Theft Auto V information seems to be greater than ever, one would have assumed that interest would have faded a little by now because of such a long wait for another trailer or some juicy details from Rockstar, but it seems some fans were just about happy enough with a couple of screenshots last week. Knowing that the developer is keeping details of GTA 5 tightly wrapped-up we can only hope that the next incarnation of the game will be something truly special.

Having already discussed a number of what features we would like to see implemented into GTA V, such as being able to go into houses, fully customizable cars and much more there’s also another feature that we would like, and that’s changeable weather. By bringing in such a thing this could add a greater dimension into the game because with changeable weather brings different effects.

Before you say this will be too big of a task for such a game, just remember that Assassin’s Creed 3 has changeable weather. Okay, we know that the two are very different games, but it can be done, it’s just knowing if the engine that Rockstar will be using would be up to the task?

There’s no denying that the Grand Theft Auto series is up there as one of the greatest gaming franchises, so surely bringing in this feature would only help to boost its popularity? We know that Los Angeles has storm drains, so how cool would it be to see Los Santos flood and for rivers to start forming in the streets, which in turn would make things much more treacherous for our protagonist to get on with his mission?

Then there’s also other areas of the game that could be affected by the weather as well, such as rivers rising, vehicles having to slow down if it’s raining heavy or the wind is blowing to hard and in extreme cases snow, which we know could bring more children out on the streets making it much tougher for you to do the things you need to do in fear of hurting a child.

Okay, so the likelihood of changeable weather in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty slim because there is always so much more going on in the game, but just imagine how much excitement it would bring, as well as you also not being in control of a powerful element within the game?

Do you think changeable weather would be a good feature in GTA 5?

  • Brucey

    Grand theft auto already does changeable weather.

    • Lewis

      No it doesn’t mean to changeable weather like using Cheats, they mean Change the weather to Heavy Rain, and you can get floods, Have it really sunny, you could get a drought, Heavy Snow, you could get in car accidents, and maybe stuck in traffic, – Things like that

      • ?????????

        gta has changeable weather without using cheats u fool, one minute its raining the next its sunny and iv never used cheats in a game so explain that 1 genious? i get the gist of what the writer of this article is trying to say but when i 1st seen this i thought hang on gta already got changeable weather end of story.

        • john male

          LOL GENIOUS

        • Anon

          I think changeable weather doesn’t really explain what the author is trying to say. In the other games you have rain ect ect, but these do not affect game play. Eg, when it rains or snows( Dont think its ever snowed in GTA) the roads would become more slippery, the environment itself would change.

          • Drew 48

            No actually when it does rain heavily in gta 4 the driving ability does change, you skid a lot more and when you’re at sea its harder to control your boat, the question over snow is something else

          • FeedTheHobos


        • Cj Flex

           Is Rain and sunshine the only change in weather? What about fall, and winter?

          • skeighta4life_360flipping

            agreed, i think he should have choosen his words better and said changealbe seasons. months more rad would it be to have a month system in the game, Especially in L.A. LOL they have next to no weather change all year, so it wouldn’t really take much for them add seasons.

      • blah

        What do car accidents have to do with weather? Stupid ass

        • Zen

          You OBVIOUSLY aren’t old enough to drive, STUPID ASS

    • ?????????

      Brucey ur spot on kid gta has already got changeable weather thats exactly what i thought aswell, what a pointless article

    • Brucey_LMFAO

      Grand theft auto f*cks weather? IM ROFL’N RIGHT NOW!!!! YOOUR GRAMMER IS SO STUPID!!!

      • skeighta4life_360flipping

        How did you get gta has sex with weather outta what he said, you have to really take it out of context, which would make your grammer and perceived view of what he said, odd. i mean… you really shouldn’t correct peoples grammar, it’s a horrible quality poeple seem to have adopted on the internet, as a sort of sheild and one up, to the discussion.

      • Dnell


  • Andrew Vale

    it would be good but Would Rockstar be up for it though doing it 

    • Sha88_davies

      did u not read the comments below??

  • Lowpayne911

    This article is void.

  • Thiscomment

    why wont GTA tell us info on that? i mean, they have completed the game, why not just give us a hint that is is/isn’t the case. i do think though, in all seriousness, that i wont be getting GTA V for the reason that, idk much about it and it does seem as though GTA are starting to do this to be annoying and to test our loyalty. well, i am not going to lie, they have tested my loyalty and unless there is substantial information about GTA V by next week, i think i wont bother. too much hassle and, for me, that has shattered the illusion


      Because they said they want to provide the element of surprise, that’s what ‘market research’ says is most effective when trying to sell a product, and in particular a new game to avoid repetitiveness in a game series like GTA, but Rockstar doesn’t realise GTA fans are loyal and are guaranteed to by the game regardless – Trust me you WILL buy GTA 5

      • Thiscomment

        yeah, but still it is getting annoying and i am fed up of waiting. i mean, they could just shut us all up by giving us more info but no, nothing. i am starting to think i wont buy it UNLESS there is lots info or an official release date within the next 2 weeks (i have changed it) i will be getting Assassin’s Creed 3 or possibly Sleeping Dogs

        • skeighta4life_360flipping

          dude, unfortunately R* isn’t gonna say anything about the game except for another trailer and release date, they aren’t going flashy advertising with this one, you gotta understand, when you market a product for 6 months, thats a new product or an existing one with minimal fan base, R* could market for 1 month, and GTA5 will sell better then any game this year and next. You’ll see.

          • Guest

            yes, i understand all of what you are saying and what everyone else who commented is saying, and i really DON’T want to sound rude or disrespectful to anyone, but i just wont be getting the game UNLESS those things i said happen. i don’t want to be “that guy” but, it is just annoying me ,and i am sure SOME others would agree. sorry if that seemed as though i am “stuck up” but it is what i think

          • skeighta4life_360flipping

            its ok. im quite impatient about this game myself, I literally check google everyday, shame on me. But I’ve seen that trailer and not one person can tell me that footage didn’t look playable,I believe GTA5 is in testing right now for quality assurance, i think we will all see this game alot sooner then we expect.

    • Filipovic_187

      I think they dont want to test our loyalty, because that would be of no benefit for them. I think they just want to raise our desire for the game.

      To be honest, it worked for me so far. I’m checking daily for GTA V news. But I’m starting to get pissed already. The end of my patience is near…

  • JennyfromtheWarsawGhetto

    ‘and in extreme cases snow, which we know could bring more children out on the streets making it much tougher for you to do the things you need to do in fear of hurting a child.’Hello??
    There will be no children in GTA 5 or any GTA ever because RockstarGames said so

    • Guest5647

      People are retarded…

  • X-iSMART-X

    For our world let it live on as a masterpiece not for what we seen in the past to say what it will be but just be that guy who says, “Hey, lets just all calm our souls”. That is all..

  • James_Holmes

    GTA 5 is my favourite game.

    • skeighta4life_360flipping

      you’ve played it? Whats it like? is it ready for the rest of us yet?

  • James_Holmes

    The police let me use their co puters if anyones wondering.

    • James_Holmes


    • thecommentabove

      police comuters designed to be 100% confidential to ALL citizens and are used for keeping intelligence on criminals were used to play a vid game… wow, dude. you fail

  • Bane

    I guess I have to be the one to say this. What the HELL does that 240 have to do with this? Thought gta was gonna have one, but apparently, they used it as a trick to get me here.

    • Giggity

      what are you talking about?

      • mark

        he was referring to the car attached to this article.. a nissan 240sx s13… its nice someone recognizes such a car 😛

  • Lizzy

    LMAO…. Los Santos flood…. ahahahaha…. that’s funny… Los Santos is based of LA… where it barely rains and when it does people act like the apocalypse is starting… how you people end up at the top of google when I search “grand theft auto v” is a mystery… instead of this BS you should do what everyone else is doing…. that is shutting up until Rockstar give out new info.. or more recently report that GTA V and Rockstar won’t be at GamesCom… I just did your job for you….

  • Chris

    Is changeable weather not already in the series?

  • Edwstewart1992

    “Changeable weather and effects”? Yeah, like that has never featured in a GTA game before!

    Seems like the Chubby brothers are running out of ideas to write about GTAV.

    • Chubbybrothers

      seems like you’re a bit delayed since everyone else realised changeable weather existed before you did

      • Edwstewart1992

        It was a sarcastic comment…

  • Carson J Gallo

    Future Grand Theft Auto V Trailer – (Little Boy) – “Mommy, Mommy, Look at the Snowman I made.” WHAM!!! (Snow Plow goes right through Snowman and little boy, blood splatter everywhere) (Mother) – “MY BABY!” (Narrator) – “GRAND THEFT AUTO V!!! KILLING LITTLE BOYS ON ALL PLATFORMS SOON! BITCHES!!!”

    • Jed

      you sick son of a b****

      • Filipovic_187

        dude, I think this was ironic..

  • Lizzy

    you people are really stupid… Rockstar has stated that there will never be children in GTA… stop writing

  • Snake050872

    Ok I played it at R*’s studio and here it is:

    1- the jetpack is back
    2- you can take your recruited gang members for a ride on the bus (like in SA)
    3- taking pictures is back
    4- for the first time you can ride the waves of the beach with or without a surfboard
    5- for the first time, there are Underwater Missions
    6- a whopping 90% of buildings will be enterable
    7- bmx and mountain bikes are back
    8- for the first time you can ride on glass domed elevators on special buildings
    9- for the first time, you can use a hang glider
    10- For the first time, you can ride on trip wires, and yes, you can use a grappling hook.

    Lol, I was just kidding, but I will wait and see, if some of this will be real…

    • Gimp

      i dont think anyone actually believed you after the first sentence…

    • Snip

      no on believed you after 3rd word in, “played”

      • Snip


  • qwerty

    Vehicles did noticeably slide around a lot more when it rained on GTA IV

  • Brentskii

    is that a pic of GTA V with a nissan 240sx in it?

    • Grant Walker

      Nope. That is a photo not a screenshot.

  • dave

    I don’t care about the weather. Bring back bunny hopping on bicycles, jetpacks and 500 other fun things San Andreas had.

  • Martin Terras

    i want thunder effex

  • peerryyyyy

    “which we know could bring more children out on the streets making it much tougher for you to do the things you need to do in fear of hurting a child.” Makes no sense. There are no children in gta, ever. If there were, then there would be no gta. And snow would be annoying, not exiting! And floods would make the game compleatly un realistic! And gta 4 alwready had changable weather, just not stupid floods or snow.

  • kyle Boll

    I think Not only should it have Changeable weather but seasons as well! In California we also have Micro climates that could be in effect. Flooding would lead to mudslides, the dry season would lead to fires mostly in the back country, parts So Cal always burns in the summer.

  • GTA Player

    I want to see hail and tornadoes on GTA 5 make it look realstic it has happen people saying California never gets tornadoes your wrong people from 1950-2012 all of California from north to south has been hitten with 396 tornadoes from F0, F1, F2 and a few F3 twisters has been spotted and touched down. Back in 2005 California had a record of 30 tornadoes touch down so what’s the problem haveing tornadoes in the game its not like everytime it sprinkles rain or a little clash of thunder or lighting hits the ground that a tornado is going to spawn out of the elements of the air. It happens in real life can anyone stop it no if its meant to happen its going to happen if you like it or not so why worry about it. Many people in this world has tried to discover why one storm does what it does and the other ones drop tornadoes they cannot predict that yet, It can be a rare occurance they are no lock down on this game its complete freedom I would actually like to see storms that occur like this on the game the country side is a great feature for these activities to take place let us feel the visual effects off of them. Snow is a rare chance of happening in Los Angelos but it did happen in 1949 it didn’t stick to the ground surface but it did snow that year. The mountains are possible for high elevations that it is possible because we all know that further you go north the colder it gets rain probably is sleet to snow in those higher elevations until it drops continuely south that may be the cause of heavy hard droppings that hit the earths surface where it was frozen coming down and melted to water before it hit the ground. They are 100’s of possiblities for storms to produce hail rain sleet snow etc… We all that knows weather that hail has a shady green tint in the dark grayish black clouds that produces hail we don’t know how those storms produce tornadoes which storm is going to drop one its just a rare occurance.