Skyrim Dawnguard patch targets specific issue

When Skyrim Dawnguard was released a little under 4 weeks ago there were a few bugs within the game, and there was one that only affected certain European countries. However, a new patch has since been released, which targets the specific issue of nudity. The bug in question only affected NPC, as certain ones would appear with no clothes on them.

Although this latest patch addresses that specific issue it does resolve another problem, and that’s with being unable to finish a mission. This is a pretty small patch with a download size of just 31MB, and from what we know there are no other fixes included within the patch.

For those who have been affected by the naked bug you will be happy to know that it does not affect the aspect of the game, the only issue is that certain gamers might have had a laugh by trying to have a conversation with a character with no clothes on. It’s all very well saying grow up, but we’re all human and entitled to have a laugh once in a while.

Are there any other bugs in Skyrim’s first DLC that you feel needs to be addressed? We already know that there are bugs with the Seeking Disclosure quest and also with Deceiving the Herd. Both of these quests seem to activate automatically.

As for the main part of the game users are now waiting to see what Skyrim Patch 1.7 will bring, because we know there are still a number of issues that needs to be resolved, along with bringing in some new features as well, just like 1.6 did with Mounted Combat.

However, there is one issue that no patch will be able to resolve, and that’s the one that PC and PS3 users have with the Skyrim timed exclusive. Certain fans are unhappy with having to wait a month to get their hands on Dawngaurd when those with an Xbox 360 have been enjoying the expansion for almost 4 weeks now. We’re not even certain if the first Skyrim DLC will be released to those with a PC or PlayStation 3 next week, which is when we assume it will be made available.

The only way that you can get around this timed exclusive issue is by doing what goes against your belief, and that’s changing teams and start batting for the Xbox 360 instead – something we’re sure some of you have already done or considered?

  • MasterSmith

    I am a PS3 user and I will always be.  There is no way that exclusive DLC would make me give up and move to a lesser system.  Although I may not like the exclusive DLC idea, I know that for every gain there is a loss.  We get free online play and xbox 360 gets Dawnguard earlier.  As a PS Plus member I get access to a lot of free games, DLC, themes, etc.  I also get BF3 content 2 weeks before XBox 360 so it is the same no matter what.  It all evens out I think.

  • Grayson

    Mastersmith. I 100% agree with ya. I just hope dawnguard for ps3 comes out soon… It didnt bug me at first till a few days ago.but Im really craving dawnguard let us pray.

  • Sam.I.Am

    There seems to be a Soul Cairn bug in Dawnguard Xbox360 in which Serana gets stuck there. Even when telling her to follow, or trying to make her advance step by step with the “wait here” command, she says things like “let’s get going” but will only go a few steps toward the stairs then turns around and not leave the building she’s in or turn up back in Volkihar Ruins.  I even told her we should part ways to see what that would do, nothing so far.

    • Sam.I.Am

      Whelp, found a way around it. I went back to her in Soul Cairn, told her to come with me then left. She again didn’t follow, but when I gave up and left the castle and fast traveled back to Fort Dawnguard she was there.