Diablo 3 gamebreaking exploit and new patch

Blizzard had thought that they had done enough in regards to the security of Diablo 3, but we all know that there have been one or two issues, and to add insult to injury they have also learned that one clever fan has managed to come up with a gamebreaking exploit, which has now made him invincible.

However, this God Mode does not work for all and you need to be playing in the Wizard class, along with disabling a few features that help to give Diablo 3 better visual effects. However, there are workarounds to make this available to others, which is explained in more detail here.

We’re told in order to get this exploit to work correctly it’s all about perfect timing, but we are hoping that some of you are able to tell us if you have managed to get it to work because there have been mixed results? While in most games being invincible would not cause that big of a deal to the developer or publisher, but because a player might be unable to die in Diablo 3 this will mean that they will be able to collect as much loot as possible, which in turn means that they can then go to the Auction House and sell it on – now you can see the issue that Blizzard has.

It’s obvious that Blizzard will be looking to rectify this issue by way of a patch and they will no doubt warn that if they suspect anyone of cheating in this way then they could have their accounts locked.

Depending who you ask some gamers may say that Diablo 3 is finally in favor of the player with this exploit, but if you agree with this then it will only be the case for a very short time.

Going back to the source of the news it has been said in some of the comments that players will not care how these items on the Auction House were obtained, as they would reduce the cost because of greater competition. Do you think that Blizzard would be taking things too far by banning people for using such an exploit considering the fact that it’s a single player game?