WWE 13 and latest rumor uncertainty

Last week a couple of tweets by Kurt Angle gave us the impression that he was going to appear in the upcoming WWE 13, although a his comments have recently been retracted leaving us unsure whether he will actually be involved. The man himself stated the rumor, which is normally a good sign that they have a bit more insight about the game yet he is now saying that he is not certain of this.

His recent announcement on twitter said that he doesn’t know yet if he will be in WWE 13 and added to the speculation by saying “there are rumors that I am” along with news that TNA is currently making a new game, which should be cool. From this information we get the distinct impression that he will not be included and Captain Star Ball also echo this uncertainty, especially since Kurt Angle did not sign a legends contract with the WWE before he left.

Kurt Angle did not actually confirm another TNA video game is being made as the previous title came out two years ago and was available on mobile phones. Highlighting his tweets our recent post also looked at some great pre-order offers that have started including physical bonuses like CM Punk wristbands and collectible art cards hand-signed by Steve Austin, along with the previously announced Mike Tyson pre-order bonus and various other stuff depending on which pre-order you go for, and what territory you reserve your order.

In addition, we previously discussed what would be ideal as WWE 13 DLC as far as fantasy downloadable content is concerned and a few suggestions were made, although we can see more ideas coming once this title is established among gamers. In reference to Kurt Angle’s backtracking, do you think his presence will grace us in WWE 13? Maybe you think he would be sorely missed.

  • StanA

    As long as Angle is in TNA he won’t appear in a WWE game. 

    • anonymous

      But Rob Van Dam signed to TNA in march or may 2010 and he was revealed during september to be in svr 11

  • Knh9

    the rock and undertaker better be on there