Aggressive PS3 Super Slim pricing

Analysts are stating that an aggressive price for the PS3 Super Slim could have a massive affect on Sony’s competitors, as this 16GB flash-based PlayStation 3 could cause not only an impact on the opposition but also the games industry on the whole.

The PS3-4000 has been reported for a while and although there is no news of this making an official appearance at gamescom next month a price tag of $150 is an appealing prospect, with suggestions that this being available for about £99 would be a dramatic decrease to what was initially expected. In an article on GamesIndustry, they report on the 16GB model based on flash memory and feel that this could quickly increase the base thus obtaining more consumer revenue for higher software sales volume.

Commenting on this site M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon spoke about Sony’s strong base in Europe and due to the current financial climate generous hardware price cuts will have big impact. This would affect Microsoft’s share loss in this part of the world and the value pricing may outsell Xbox 360 in the U.S. where Microsoft has dominated monthly hardware sales.

Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Securities, feels that Sony should have taken this form of action a while ago as the success of the 4GB Xbox 360 could have been tested before now. With no expectations that Microsoft will reduce their console costs the PS3 Super Slim pricing may prompt them to re-think their stance, although some may suggest that pricing any less than $200 would not be good for Sony, as a PS3 price drop is expected anyway.

Gamers welcome this news and even those picking up the console for the first time will get the benefit of a whole back catalogue of titles that have been produced since the initial PS3 console. Many are skeptical about a massive price drop although $199 sounds like a sensible idea for all parties, and if Microsoft counteract this with their own discount there is still room for Sony to maneuver.

A few weeks ago, we showed an image of the PS3 Super Slim concept art done by a fan, and although we know a smaller version is on its way this picture looked to be one of the more relative ones considering we don’t expect the sort of size reduction seen with the PlayStation 2. Do you think that a $150 PS3 Super Slim could be an ideal way for Sony to create a larger user base? Maybe you feel that a price war would benefit gamers giving other companies a forced incentive to drop their prices.

  • Mitalo13

    i think its great ps3 will drop their price which would force microsoft to drop theirs as well.