New WWE 13 roster update likelihood

As rumors and new reports are coming out thick and fast about who will be available in the WWE 13 roster we are sure that an update to this is on the cards. Adding to the speculation, many names have popped up here and there and in some cases, certain wrestlers have had to retract statements or tweets implying whether they are in or out of the game. Hopefully we will get an official roster soon, as the game is expected in October and many fans are eager to know one way or the other.

The reason for our speculation concerning the likelihood of a roster update is due to a gameplay clip shown during Raw 1000, which could be THQ’s confirmation of Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage in the game. Captain Star Ball write about four “WWE ’13 Fantasy Matches” that followers would love to see. Winning the fan vote Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Cena is top of the list and gameplay footage of them was shown.

Wondering whether CM Punk vs. Randy Savage or Andre the Giant vs. The Big Show would be shown by THQ has been questioned, especially if fans were to vote for them. In connection to the rumors that have been floating about, yesterday we reported on tweets by Kurt Angle giving us the initial impression he is going to appear in the upcoming game and although Angle himself started this speculation, we are uncertain about his role as he retracted recent comments about his role in WWE 13.

All the time Angle is in TNA there isn’t much chance of seeing him in a WWE game, so are you eager to find out who else could be taking part? On the other hand, maybe you feel that some additions will be included as DLC.

  • Paulk1996

    Considering RVD was in a WWE game while under contract with TNA, I wouldn’t be too surprised of Angle’s inclusion