Ouya Android console a modern day GameCube

There’s nothing like a decent kickstarter to get gamers talking, and there has certainly been enough of that when it comes to the Ouya Android console. The response has been amazing and has surpassed any expectations that the company behind the project had hoped for, and now we are shocked once again because of what size the games console will be – if it ever gets off the ground that is.

It’s been said that the size of the Ouya games console will only be the size of a Rubik’s Cube because the lead designer of the Ouya project has said that he wants a console that will not be anything like the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but we can’t help but think that we have seen it all before with the GameCube from Nintendo, although it will be smaller.

The thought of such a small console is a nice idea because it will not be so imposing, but we have to wonder how they will be able to handle two main functions of a games console, the first is having the right number of ports and the second is keeping the thing cool enough.

Although the device is still in it’s early stages and has not even entered production yet the early hardware specs do look promising for such a small device, such as the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 ARM CPU, 8GB of flash storage and 1GB of RAM, along with Android OS. Keeping all of that cool in such a small form factor will be pretty tough, but we’re sure they will find a clever way to keep the console running as cool as a cucumber.

Latest reports suggest that the total fund raised by this kickstarter project is $5.4 million, which is far more than they had anticipated, and as such will help to get the project off the ground and release this console, which is said to sell for $99. This seems like a magic figure because this is the same price that analysts expect the next Xbox will sell for if it’s tied to your cable subscription. However, we cannot see this idea going ahead and will remain just an idea in the head of analysts.

Will the Ouya project ever take off? Firstly the device will only run apps, but this could help to solve the issue of those mobile gamers who hate the idea of playing games without a standard gaming controller. Finally we just have a feeling that this games console will not sell in the tens of millions but in the low millions, but if there is a decent amount of developer support then we could be wrong.