Solve Amelia Earhart disappearance with an app

The latest search for Amelia Earhart has not been going as well as people had hoped, but there is still a way to find the lost pilot by way of an app. Okay, we know that this is not going to find her for real, but what better way to celebrate her 115th birthday by playing on a few apps to try and locate her – well maybe finding her wreckage would be the best way to not only celebrate her birthday but also her life as well.

There are three apps available, the first is a free version for the iPad, the second is a paid version and the third is for Mac devices. If you just go for the free app you can try out some of the limited features and if you are happy then you can just unlock it within the game, once you have paid $4.99.

Both the iPad and the Mac versions are the same game as your goal is to learn what happened to Amelia Earhart, and the way to do this is by uncovering hidden objects. This certainly sounds like a great adventure because you will also need to look at some of the facts and the theories that relate to her disappearance.

Within the apps you will be able to view newsreels of some of the news surrounding her disappearance and even watch footage of the lady herself. You’ll also find yourself heading off to different locations in the desperate hope of finding Earhart, and to top things off you can even take control of a plane and learn to fly in one of the many mini-games within the app.

Even though this is not a full on console game we would like to point out how good the graphics are on this app, which truly pop out with the new iPad. We have to warn that the Mac OS version cannot run on Lion for some reason, which we do find a little strange. Visit iTunes or the Mac App Store for more details on both versions of this app.