Dragon’s Dogma 2 plot potential

Those of you hoping for a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma may take comfort in some recent comments made by the game’s director Hideaki Itsuno referring to the possibility of Dragon’s Dogma 2 in the future. Talking to Japan’s Famitsu magazine he said that he would love to make another installment and has plenty in mind for a potential sequel.

Fans of Dragon’s Dogma will be pleased to know that this idea is being entertained and many would welcome an addition to this action RPG. Developed and published by Capcom the current game was only released a couple of months ago, but Hideaki Itsuno reveals that it was only ‘two-thirds’ the game he wanted so more can be introduced as far as he is concerned. Some may say that with another third of the game not implemented a call for DLC could be a good way to add what was meant to be in the original, even though a sequel would be a great idea.

Talk of an open world Warriors title is reported in an article on VG24/7 and they echo the news of a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma considering there is still a lot of stuff Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno would have liked to include in the game. Last month we spoke about Capcom being so impressed with recent sales that they have confirmed Dragon’s Dogma 2, although this may not be the title of the game since they have only just said that a sequel will be made.

If this turns out to be a success a series could start to form and last month the game shifted 1 million copies, which is a relatively good start for a new IP that has only been released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. With this in mind, some suggestions have been made about whether Dragon’s Dogma will be made for the PC, and those expecting a sequel will be looking at ways the existing title could be improved. The travel system, a bigger world map, and the introduction of more races have been suggested along with swimming. What other improvements could be added to the current game and adapted to make the next one more exciting?

  • knight_of_carim

    As you can tell from my handle, I am a huge Dark Souls fan. I had concerns that Dragon’s Dogma would not live up to the hype, however, I was pleasantly wrong. The game has absolutely grown on me and I must say that two things in particular really shine with this game: The graphics are so lovely and have a magic to them, similar to Dark Souls. The dusty, dark hues are so neat… very unique graphical style. Secondly, the combat is SUPERB. Lots and lots of fun, love the different moves, the ability to climb, and the feeling of weight behind the sword. Well done. I am hooked. This game really is 9.5 out of 10 for me.

    As for what I would love to see improved/added… I would love to see the enemies scale in difficulty in NG+ (just like Dark Souls) which makes it more fun when playing second go around. I did feel as though I leveled up far too fast, far too strong, in Dragon’s Dogma, even without taking all the side quests. By the time I had maxed out my Mystic Knight… nothing was a challenge for my character UNTIL I got to Post Game. Post Game is uber fun right now and I don’t really want it to end. So that would be my major criticism. Also, it would be nice to see different enemies at certain waypoints. If I travel between the main starting town and Gran Soren, I encounter the exact same enemy again and again. It becomes monotonous, tedious, boring really. Switching it up with new enemies really makes the same old areas fun again. Sorry but changing it up day vs night only is NOT enough. Just my two cents.

    True gamers love a challenge and do NOT mind dying over and over again, as evidencing by Souls series and the sales figures there :-)
    Too many games are a breeze nowadays and just hold your hand, hence the reason I won’t even touch them now.

    I say feel free to make a game as tough as nails… I’ll be there on DAY ONE.