Sleeping Dogs mission sample visualized

In previous posts we have expressed our excitement for Sleeping Dogs and looked at the influence of UFC fighting yet we are still hungry for more information on this anticipated title, and news of a new Sleeping Dogs walkthrough video is set to feed our need for more, for the time being anyway.

The new walkthrough video unveiled by Square Enix gives us an insight into a sample mission called ‘Mrs Chus’ Revenge,’ and the eight minutes of gameplay shown reveals how Wei’s police connections allow him to triangulate phone calls to locate the person of interest. CVG explain how this also lets us in on how the hand-to-hand combat, shooting and driving is performed.

Aggressive cover is another aspect of the game seen in this footage and this allows a player to vault over objects to disarm enemies, take their weapon and start offloading bullets, as opposed to hiding behind things and firing from safety. Slow motion is another great feature to get the best out of your player wile jumping for cover, but one of the more intriguing parts seen is the car chase and slow motion plays a part here when you are drawing your weapon and targeting the enemy.

As the protagonist jumps from one vehicle to another, the excitement escalates as one bit shows Wei jumping from a motorcycle, to the car of the man he is chasing, entering through the window and taking over. To get an early perspective of what impressions this game has had some review scores show that this is going to be a big hit with the lowest score being 8.5 out of 10 from Official PlayStation Magazine Italy, although they still view Sleeping Dogs as “the best open world game of 2012.

In other Sleeping Dogs news our most recent post mentions the all-star cast of voice actors involved in this title with the likes of Lucy Liu as Vivienne and Tom Wilkinson as Police Inspector Pendrew along with Emma Stone as Amanda Cartwright who is famed for her recent role in The Amazing Spider-Man movie. These are just a few of many playing a part in the game and in the previous article we imbedded the voice acting trailer for those of you who want to see Emma Stone and her colleagues doing their bit.

To go on about the new walkthrough video and not show it would be “true crime” and our reflections of it don’t visualize the experience, so check it out below and let us in on your opinions. Are you looking forward to Sleeping Dogs?


  • CM

    my only complaint is that the enemies seems to dance around in the background while one person attack the hero at one time. The enemies also do not return hits during hand-to-hand combat, making it less challenging.