Latest Diablo 3 fix in progress

Apparently, a Diablo 3 fix is in progress according to Blizzard and this is being implemented to rectify a God Mode bug, which allows players to turn invincible, making Inferno and farming for rare items an easier experience. Although Blizzard has said that a hotfix is now being released, some have suggested that this is already apparent.

Details of this have already been posted in the thread by Blizzard employee Xordiah, and some YouTube videos have been seen since Sunday demonstrating this issue. Even though this problem has been around for a month Mobile and Apps question, why they did not address this before it went mainstream. Activating this bug is highlighted by hovering the mouse over the Wizard character, use the Teleport Skill, and then hit Archon simultaneously. This causes players to float becoming invincible at the same time as being able to inflict damage.

It seems that even when the animation expires, players are still invincible, and this is regarded as a major bug, which makes a mockery of the difficulty mentioned. This could also cause problems with the Real Money Auction House being exploited, in addition, a situation has occurred where a player discussed this to the point where he defeated the final boss three times using the bug.

In connection to this, we thought it was worth mentioning our recent Diablo 3 post explaining the gamebreaking exploit and new patch, as we highlight the issue that Blizzard has with those intending to collect as much loot as possible, then go to the Auction House and sell it on. What is you opinion on this matter?

  • Melkorious11

    What will Blizzard officially say about this bug? It’s implications are vast, and now with the implementation of the real money auction house, include scary words such as “fraud” or even “conspiracy”. I myself have spent some money on the RMAH and it pains me to know that the item that I paid a premium price for may or may not be more available to others who simply found a hole in the programming. I’m all for the player who happens to stumble upon the same item after 2 hours of playing, or happens to snipe the item at a unrealistically low price on the auction house – more power to them for their luck. However, I have logged over 350 hours in Diablo 3. I also happen to be a wizard, and I never took advantage of the bug. It annoys me that such a thing is even possible, though I understand that these types of issues can not be foreseen.

  • Dan Wolfe

    *YAWN* OLD news this was fixed like 4 days ago.