GTA 5 facts kill some rumors

With constant speculation surrounding Rockstar’s latest open-world action game it is hard to pin down exactly was is true, which has prompted us to look for GTA 5 facts that kill some of the numerous rumors floating around the internet. To start off, it seems that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be set in Los Santos, an area inspired by Southern California and Los Angeles as far as design is concerned.

Los Santos will be in the state of San Andreas and even though this has been touted as the biggest Grand Theft Auto game ever created, there is nothing on the actual size yet. Informing their readers of details gained from the GTA fact hub PlayStation Universe highlight official news about the game putting some of the rumors to bed, along with the one trailer that has been released. A combination of city and rural environments will be expected with everything from mountains and beaches to busy L.A. style streets and freeways including a homeless area that is run down with makeshift cardboard houses.

The main character will reside in a big house with a balcony complete with a telescope so he can monitor his surroundings, and from the trailer it looks like he has gone to San Andreas to retire, although we cannot see him putting his feet up just yet. With no official vehicles listed, the video footage shows a jet ski, a helicopter, a jet, a floating airship, a convertible sports car with an electronic folding hood, and a small plane that sprays crops. Details about the characters are limited, this version will involve homeless people begging on the streets, and the prostitutes will return.

Other than there being a multiplayer mode, not much about the gameplay has been divulged, but we expect the action will involve plenty of chases both with vehicles and on foot. Rockstar and 2K Games have teased that it will be a “radical reinvention” of the GTA universe and a “bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer,” but no official release date has been mentioned. Do you know otherwise? What is the most far-fetched rumor you have heard about Grand Theft Auto V?

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    Thanks for the overview of the trailer.

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    i want official news and information on the game, not what we already know from the trailer that has been stretched out into an article. GTA ,i mean this respectfully, TELL US INFO. not that GTA would be here

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    Another “new” article about GTA V with minimal info that we have already read multiple times before.

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      i missed that tyvm for pointing it out 😀 lol


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    Heard it. This is pretty much the same article as the last two I’ve read in the past 24 hours. Isn’t that plagiarism? Uh oh Mr. Votta, better watch it. Plus, all these fans including myself, deserve better news regarding GTA. We all know you’re just writing this article to get views and comments. Your welcome, but you better watch out with that plagiarism boy.

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      And I’m pretty sure the only thing different in this article is the misleading picture.

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      I totally agree with you, but plagiarism is copying word for word.

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    Is t it amazing how many articles can be written with so little info. Just keep repeating the same stuff

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      Really is getting boring now. I appreciate that creating a game takes a lot of time, but they should never have released the trailer as early as they did. Too much time and too little new info.

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    the most farfetched rumor ive heard is that it is coming out soon, but yor right about constant speculation i just want it to come out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      soo do i i just want now

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    Even though Rock* hasn’t said it will be officially set in Los Santos… There’s something in the trailer that gives it away, which im sure a majority of you are all aware of. If you view the trailer and pause at 54 seconds… You can clearly see the white graffiti on the wall saying “Los Santos” That confirms it will be set in San Andreas 😀

    • Grant Walker

      I am quite sure that Los Santos has been confirmed…

    • Spinderlykillerfish

      and the fact it looks similar to L.A which is what GTA San Andreas was based on, the police badge and the fact everywhere knows said 😀

    • skeighta4life_360flipping

      It was confirmed as Los Santos and the surrounding hillsides, have you been to the Rock* GTA5 site?

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    sure its set in a depiction of L.A which wasnt that big in gta S.A but look at L.A noires map that was pretty big for a game that wasnt even sandbox that could be a little bit of a hint to the amount of streets and the size of the city itself right?

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       I hope not, that stupid game came on three discs and it suck donkey cockballs, just like the people who played that game and liked it.

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    I don’t think the guy speaking in the trailer will be the main character, he’s too much of a mob boss kind of guy.

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      i agree. i think he would be too old, doesn’t sound like he should be and that would lead to any character customization being hard. generally older guys are slower and less able to keep active than young guys, so, you’d start running form the cops, 2 secs later, you are napping

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    This isn’t news. This is the same crap that we read back in November. All those articles “dissecting” the trailer. If there isn’t any news, don’t write more stupid articles like this and others, for example: “Still No GTA Release Date.” These articles are actually worse than no news.

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      No shoot.  I couldn’t help but read this story in a 3rd graders voice.  “The game will be played in Los Santos, a city in the state of San Andreas”, lol.  Cant wait till the game comes out but I’ll slap the next mutha @#$$%^ in the mouth for updating me on what is exactly in the trailer.   

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    It’s not hard to pin down what’s true, just listen to Rockstar and watch the trailer..  this article is useless and doesn’t say anything new.

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    You do realise that screenshot you have up there is from IV, right? 

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    Can be as big as it wants, but if it’s as dull as GTA IV, has the same crappy pseudo realistic mess which they call good vehicle handling, limited array of weapons, hardly any eccentric characters then it’ll be just another fail.

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