iPhone 5 release date in one of 2 months

Those of you looking to buy the iPhone 5 for making calls, playing mobile games, and many other tasks should expect to see this device launch over the next couple of months, although two respected sources have different dates projected giving dates in the region of one and two calendar months.

Speculation on the actual time of arrival is resulting in different rumors, and there is also news that this device will have a different connector and a slimmer screen with sensors built into glass. The source of this information is from Daily Mail online who document an expected time of October for the iPhone 5. The latest Apple gadget will feature ‘in-cell technology’, which has touch sensors in the screen instead of another layer on top as it is now.

News of a new smaller iPad being worked on in the latter part of the year is also highlighted on the site along with more details on the iPhone 5. The Guardian has said that we can expect this device to land in September along with ‘nano-sim’ card and new 19-pin connector, and mid-September is the date given. It is expected to include 4G mobile broadband capability, but only offer compatibility with networks in the US, and Apple will be the first major manufacturer to use the nano-sim card, which is 40% smaller than the micro-sim used in smartphones such as the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia.

A source in China has recently put an actual date on when they believe the next iPhone will arrive with Friday 21 September quoted, and some questions have been asked about whether people will be turned off by the new connector in favor of the old one, which fits more than half a billion iPods, iPhone and iPads. Does the idea of the new connector put you off? Are you looking to get the iPhone 5 within the next couple of months?

  • Twisted1800

    If it does not have a bigger screen, I won’t buy it. Will stick with my iPhone 4, has not failed me yet.