Nexus 7 review and display problems

To get an insight into Google’s Nexus 7 we are interested to hear what the thoughts are on this with a review of this tablet, and look into some of the display problems that have been mentioned. From other perspectives, we get the impression that this is a decent piece of kit with no major complaints, so we are concerned to hear about issues with the display.

Apparently, the Nexus 7 display has flaws according to expert Raymond Soneira from DisplayMate Technologies and it is regarded as a great LCD tablet with lousy calibration. In an article on CNET, they mention that the reviews have been positive overall, yet Soneira bluntly says the tablet’s display “falls short, and that he knew something was seriously wrong by viewing the standard photos that DisplayMate uses to visually evaluate displays.

He continues to inform readers that many of the images were noticeably washed out, looking like over exposed photographs with missing highlights, reduced image contrast, and weak colors. Quizzical about recent positive reviews thoughts refer to his previous comments regarding the display as high quality and in response to this he went on to say that the LCD panel itself is excellent, containing good luminance, high contrast ratio, excellent color saturation and color viewing the LCD display as great.

The issues are with the factory calibration of the display parameters being way off, so the images that appear on this fine LCD display are producing washed out images, and this is where he related to a great camera producing poor quality shots if it isn’t properly factory calibrated. Being a display expert, it is well worth considering his comments, but the lack of complaints has made us wonder if people are noticing the problems.

A review of the tablet by regards this as a great value little android-based 7-inch tablet at under $500, and the operating system and specifications make this more like an iPad than the Amazon Kindle Fire. Viewed as a good-looking device the author highlights a soft spot for 7-inch tablets saying this feels good in your hands and the screen delivers crisp detailed images, and well-smoothed, impressively readable text. In addition, once the screen was compared to that of the SuperAmoled screen, the greens, in particular, seemed washed out, and a similar response was noted up against the iPad 2.

Generally, this is seen to be a lovely tablet, pocketable, responsive, well designed and value for money, and with the intention of buying it, they feel that Google’s Nexus 7 is recommendable. Will you be looking to get hold of the Nexus 7 tablet? Maybe you are in two minds now you have heard Raymond Soneira’s comments.

  • Paul

    I received my Nexus 7 today.  The screen was only about 60% responsive compared to what I expected.  I called Google and they said it was a common problem and they would issue a replacement.  I just asked for a refund and I’ll wait until they polish it up a little more.

  • Chasft

    Returned my first one, display on apps (maps, e-mail, etc.) washed out — very weak & dim. The second one is the same — will return for refund. Terrible problem.

  • Rhodes

    Phew.Was just about to buy one.Think I’ll stick with my BlackBerry Playbook a while longer.Hasn’t put a foot wrong and still looks great.

  • DavidLaws

    Absolutely no problems with mine, great rich colours

  • Mox

    I have yet to get my hands on the Nexus 7 but have instead experienced a total lack of service or concern from Google!

    TNT didn’t manage to show up when I was home and wasn’t allowed to deliver to the neighbour (although the package my misses got from TNT the same day was dropped off just fine); TNT failed to bring out the package when I arranged for redelivery (5 days after the initial drop-off) and only other option would have been a Saturday delivery, which turned out to be a no-go due to the Olympics (yes, I am located smack in the middle of London .. “yay”).

    Had no option but refuse delivery and have so far heard NOTHING!

    Over the course of the last week I have used the google wallet email form 5 times and not received ANY response; I have tried the phone number on top of the page twice and gotten a fax/modem (+353 (1) 436 1001).

    I am at this moment beyond pissed!

    I would have expected A LOT better service from a company like Google, but apparently core customers “pre-ordering” means “treat them like crap, charge them first and make sure they are the LAST to get their item”; I would have had my hands on the tablet more than a week ago had I NOT pre-ordered (and I would have saved the £9 shipping as well).

    I am sure it’s a great product, but the whole pre-order experience have soured it so much for me that when (if?) I ever get my £209 back, I guess Google have thoroughly proven to me that I’ll be better off with an iPad. Based on how responsive Google are, by that time the 7″ iPad will probably be on the market anyway.