Xbox 360 vs. PS3 failure rate studied

Looking at failure rates for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 you get the chance to see what console is more reliable and studying charts gives us the opportunity to visualize what is going on over a period of time. Everything you need to know is considered from surveys over the past three years and the results may not come as a surprise to many.

As we briefly document the vast amount of charts we get an insight from surveys showing how many times a console is needed to be replaced, to a break down of failure rate for each type of Xbox 360 and PS3. Graphs for three years can be viewed on the No Fuss Reviews site, and the results have come from survey that reacted to responses and asked questions where additional details were required.

A survey was conducted over 245 days starting on the 20th of November 2011 and a total of 507,132 submissions were counted although they discarded submissions in their final result after the 500,000 mark. 35% answered questions relating to the PS3, 37% for the Xbox 360 and 28% for the Wii and when you look at the pie chart of console failure rates during this year both Sony and Microsoft’s console take up most of the graph with a pretty even result, as the Xbox 360 is just that bit higher.

This may amaze some who think back to how many original Xbox 360s failed thanks to the Red Ring of Death that would cause the machines to overheat and display 3 red lights to say it has died, although this is more relevant to the old consoles and not the new slim ones. Responses to this information give some obvious comments about how this news is just saying that the older consoles are less reliable, and even though this is true, many may feel that it has taken 5 years for MS to get to a point where they could offer a reliable piece of hardware.

Taking this all into consideration at least it shows that lessons are being learned, even if many PS3 fans feel that the reason Sony’s consoles have featured so highly is because the old ones are now starting to die out whereas Xboxes are still featuring as newer models, and this can been seen under the model comparisons. Overall it seems like they are now just as reliable as each other, but do you think this survey justifies an entire user base? Maybe you feel there is no real proof and fans from competing consoles could vote. Take a look at the graphs yourselves through the link above and let us know your views on this survey and its results.

  • dave

    After 3 xbox’s died on me in a year and a half, I jumped ship to the ps3 and it’s been smooth sailing ever since

  • Bugermobile

    Bought a fat 360 in 2009 and not had a single problem with it.

  • Teddy_Bear

    Ive had an Xbox 360 Jasper model (the last of the old fat white xbox’s) and ive had it 3 long years with no problems at all.

  • TDUupdaterHD

    I have a Xbox 360 60gb premium 2008 model still no problems with it

  • Qazwsxedc

    Or the fact that PS3 is more costly so reported it to be repaired. As the majority of the time you could buy a new Xbox for just a little bit more than it would of cost to repair it. Ever think of that?

  • John Smith

    No problems with both my PS3’s first bought on release of original fat and second bought on release of the slim. I don’t like surveys as they don’t cover a wide enough spectrum to be accurate in my eyes… Especially as although the xbox had more reported cases or whatever there are more xbox console owners so its expected that more would be faulty… (Article was boring so I may have read it wrong so sorry if something I say is stupid or contradictory)