Real Xbox 720 (Durango) devkit images?

Some recent photos of the so-called Xbox 720 or Durango are suspected to be real devkit images and we are compelled to find out whether these snaps are the real McCoy, as some developers are suggesting they are. In easier to explain terms this is classed as an ‘Alpha’ version of the Xbox 720 hardware, meaning that it has had parts bundled together to resemble what will eventually be a close version of the final hardware.

With a fair amount of development sources viewing these images as correct it is hard to tell, although the word Durango seems to be rather prominent giving us reason to think that this could be the actual name, even though some say it is a codename. Examiner reports on the leaked devkit photos authenticated by developers showing four images on their site courtesy of Digital Foundry.

Digital Foundry has been in contact with the source of the leak and development sources to get more information about this, and although the images have been confirmed to be real, until an official announcement is made it is hard to know whether this is a reliable source. Looking at the details the devkit is propped up on a PC case with an Intel 64-bit CPU and a Nvidia graphics card running DirectX 11.

It currently has 8GB of memory but Digital Foundry rightly points out that devkits typically have double the memory of retail hardware for testing purposes, and apparently, Microsoft is targeting an 8-core CPU for the next Xbox. Some good news for gamers comes from another of Digital Foundry’s developer sources, mentioning that games can be created on the PC with DirectX 11 engine and ported over to the new Xbox console where they will run with “no problem.”

In our previous post regarding the next-gen Xbox we spoke about the wait for its release causing concern for games developers not knowing whether it is wise to create a new IP or carry on with sequels until the next generation hardware makes an appearance. Plenty of gamers still feel there is still a lot of life left in current consoles yet developers like Ubisoft believe that they are being penalized by the likes of Microsoft and Sony by such a long life cycle.

They feel that creating a new IP for the existing consoles this late is not ideal, although Naughty Dog seems to be going against this sentiment with the development of The Last Of Us. Going back to the source of this article, do you think this it the real Xbox 720?

  • Coronel