Deadlight review shows highs and lows

The upcoming side-scrolling survival horror title known as Deadlight is a cinematic platformer game expected to come out tomorrow for Xbox Live Arcade, in which lead character, Randall Wayne finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world with a small group of survivors hoping to find his daughter and wife. In a world littered with corpses, both still and active, Randall has made his way through his home of Canada to arrive in the Seattle looking for a safe place for the survivors and himself.

To get some insight of what to expect we are going to run through a couple of reviews to see impression this game has got and CVG regard this as a beautiful looking platformer that contains many frustrations although it is viewed to be a grounded adventure where precision is required. Apparently, this title has many inconsistencies, as a situation where Randall could not jump that far appeared to acquire the accuracy needed after several attempts using the same technique.

Pushing crates off some ledges and not others and being able to do some things sometimes amounts to more inconsistency, and although many set-pieces are solid they are taken back by a lack of polish. Classing this as big-budget fiction on a 2D plane, Deadlight is viewed as not smart or precise enough to be a puzzle-platformer, yet the cinematics are great. In a review by Kotaku, they also echo the sentiment of this being a frustrating game, and also see the graphics as appealing. They point out that there seems to be an issue with both story and gameplay pacing throughout the game, and the story itself is regarded as a nonsensical mess.

With unimaginative puzzles, questionable controls Deadlight is not one of those better zombie apocalypse titles, and although the first half an hour was pretty well-paced the normally rewarding feeling that you get from shooting zombies in the head is lacking, and the final third is an unsatisfying mess that does not seem to be complete. Generally, this does not have what it takes to challenge other zombie titles, as it feels rushed and unpolished. By all accounts, this game has not left a very good impression overall, do you think Deadlight contains more lows than highs?