PS Vita Gravity Rush bundle a fantastic deal

Lack of software support for the PS Vita has had many gamers question what will help the handheld’s sales figures, and plenty of suggestions have been made in regards to the overall cost and more titles along with attractive bundles to give consumers more incentive. Today we are looking at the popular Gravity Rush and an offer that could be right up your street.

For a limited time only a fantastic deal is being offered for those who buy a PlayStation Vita on Amazon, as those acquiring the handheld will get the opportunity to have “Gravity Rush” bundled in with a PS Vita protective film. The deal has been pasted on to That Gamer Forum website and although the writing is small we can make out that this offer lasts until the 4th of August with completed purchases being no later than 11.59pm Pacific time.

The offer is limited to one per customer and looks well worth it as the critically acclaimed Gravity Rush is free including a protective film for your Vita screen. This is a great deal and those who remain skeptical about the lack of decent offers may feel this could entice them into getting a PlayStation Vita.

In other news, a call for more popular titles has had requests for games like Monster Hunter on the PS Vita and those desiring this may be pleased to know that this could be an eventuality, as an article on Examiner writes about the possibility of a new Monster Hunter in the works for the PlayStation Vita. Showing a leaked image there are questions about whether this is a rehash, reassembly, port, or entirely new IP, although this is still enough to get the Japanese gaming community excited along with fans outside the territory.

Hardcore fans are calling this a hoax after taking an in-depth look at the image, indicating that the picture was taken as a snapshot with the computer recording software. Some wonder if there is anything in this even though there are suggestions that this could be from the latest update concerning Hunter Blade, which is seen to be a Chinese rip off of Monster Hunter. Generally, it is fair to say that a new Monster Hunter game for the Vita would improve the handhelds sales in Japan and there are many outside the country that would also love to see it make its way to the Vita.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight our previous post on the concerns over PS Vita sales data, even though Sony feel that the figures are in line with internal projections. Listing some of the games that are selling well in Japan we also spoke about titles that would improve sales of the Vita globally. Do you think attractive bundles would be the ideal way to generate more interest in the PlayStation Vita? Would you be happy to see a Monster Hunter game make its way to the handheld?

  • Majestic 12

    I’m guessing this deal applies to the Wi-Fi model only, correct? Otherwise…FU Amazon! I’ve recently [I mean like 2 weeks ago x_x] bought MGS Collection Vita, Gravity Rush/Daze and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, readying myself for a long wait before a decent price drop, some attractive bundles and some online games which I actually want play [hopefully they’ll release some of those Vita color variants they showed off at TGS 2011.]. None of the games out which support online at the moment appeal to me and with regards to bundles I’m not really a fan of Assassin’s Creed [White Vita coming out soon]. I’m more of a Thief type of guy. But yeah, please tell me this applies to the Wi-Fi model only!

    And to backtrack YES ABSOLUTELY! Nice bundles would definitely make me more excited and willing to part with my cash. Just release some nice colours like those shown off at TGS Sony.

    What’s up with the overheating deal? Is that really user-caused??? Or are Sony being douches??…

    • Majestic 12

       Thing is they need more games. Bundles alone may up the excitement levels but that would increase ten fold if a GTA, Call of Duty, Metal Gear title was announced. Personally I’d want Gran Turismo but if history tells us anything that’ll come later on.

    • Michael

      I agree. Release vita in color! The Sony marketing department really sucks!