Detailing Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console

Remember, remember the 6th of November, as Halo fans see no reason why this date in the season should ever be forgot. I know cheesy, but we can’t help but get excited about the arrival of the next installment in the franchise, and a glimpse of the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console shows that the game isn’t the only thing that is looking good.

The Halo 4 Limited Edition Console is contained in an impressive looking transparent themed 360, with attractive blue lights and bespoke Halo sounds, along with two matching transparent controllers with matching blue lights, a headset and a copy of the game. In an article on Game Fusion, they detail this great pre-order offer and show off some well-taken photographs of the console. In one of the images, you can see a small Master Chief toy figure in the horizon giving perspective to the photograph, and we are not the only ones hoping that this will also be available.

In other news, Mobile and Apps mentions a playable Halo 4 at the Xbox 360 Summer Festival in Japan, and questions whether this will make an appearance at western video game events like the Eurogamer Expo, considering Halo 4 is not playable at Gamescom this month. The Japanese event takes place across Tokyo and Osaka, and Tokyo’s event runs from August 24 to 25 in Akihabara, with Osaka’s version taking place on the 1st of September.

There has been no news on why Microsoft won’t be attending Gamescom in Germany, which is only a few weeks away, and it has been suggested that the Eurogamer Expo will be an ideal place for previewing Halo. Some may feel that with only seven weeks until it arrives there is probably still plenty to be getting on with as far as final development plans. In connection to the amount of hype surrounding this game in a recent post we looked at the next gen gaming and that Halo 4 would be favored to that of the tried and tested Black Ops 2, as the Halo franchise may not be as popular at present, there is a lot of room for the series to progress. A recent survey on both revealed that Halo 4 as the most anticipated Xbox 360 title of 2012, although Assassin’s Creed is another top competitor.

Previous to this, we informed our readers about 343 Industries announcing free Halo 4 DLC, which will add up to about 50 new missions for gamers to look forward to over a ten-week span. Has the pre-order Limited Edition Xbox 360 console made you think about trading your current one in? What is your opinion on the lack of appearance at upcoming events?

  • noob slayer

    looks aiyt but i aint trading ma glossy blak 250gb slim for an xbox with a 320gb hd and halo theme especially since i gotta pay on top.
    i will wait for the 720

  • andrewi

    I have a Halo Reach silver 360 and a black slim and I just ahve to say this make me feel kinda crap right now :( If only MSFT took faceplates to the next level with the slim and let you put side plates on too.