WWE news roundup while awaiting full roster

Over the last month, there has been plenty of WWE news to report and now one of the main aspects that we are waiting for is a full roster. During this time, allsorts of little bits and pieces have come to our attention concerning the eagerly anticipated WWE 13 and we thought it would be a good idea to share what has been happening with a news roundup.

Starting without most recent article, at the beginning of the week we spoke about the latest WWE 13 possible roster appearances, as the current tally is about 78, even though some are expecting over 80, and a suggestion that Seth Rollins could be available is not one we are expecting. As far as features are concerned, many are hoping for improvements in the gameplay along with the submission, and commentary systems, and upgrades to the single-player and online components could also do with some attention.

Before this, we highlighted the latest rumor uncertainty concerning tweets by Kurt Angle giving us the impression he was going to appear in the upcoming WWE 13, although the man himself instigated these rumors and his comments have recently been retracted leaving us unsure of his involvement. We also mentioned some great pre-order offers including physical bonuses like CM Punk wristbands and collectible art cards hand-signed by Steve Austin.

In relation to pre-order deals, a couple of weeks ago we wrote about offers already starting to encouraged gamers to reserve their copies with cool added extras including CM Punk wristbands and a code to unlock Mike Tyson and CM Punk’s WWE Ice Cream Bar shirt within the game. The Collectors Edition that features Stone Cold Steve Austin contains an exclusive in-game Red Skull t-shirt and collectible art hand-signed card, along with the previously announced Mike Tyson pre-order bonus.

A previous post mentioned the fantasy DLC list asking what gamers would love to see with lots of fans focusing on the Attitude era, as there are many stars over the last two decades that are held in high regard. In addition, we also explained more about the voice talent confirmation with a list of those included, and referred to Cory Ledesma’s comments on online servers being a “top priority” in WWE 13. What else would you love to see in the next edition to the WWE franchise?

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