Sleeping Dogs bonus content includes Easter Eggs

The upcoming Sleeping Dogs title is said to contain some of the best combat you’ll get in an open world game, and in just over a few weeks time it will be accessible on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Being touted as the biggest title this summer, it will finally be out on the 17th of August, and we have news of some available bonus content including Easter Eggs.

Sleeping Dogs mixes open world mechanics with shoot-em ‘up and-martial arts action along with exciting undercover cops versus Triads chases, and the Hong Kong environments are said to be a refreshing take on the series that started out as True Crime. News that Square Enix is launching a Sleeping Dogs Night Market site is reported on CVG and this will include Easter eggs, treasure hunt, teasers and exclusive video.

A real cinematic feel will be on offer in this new game as well as an all-star voice acting cast including Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson and Lucy Lui among many others are adding to this movie blockbuster experience. The new Sleeping Dogs Night Market site is said to contain plenty of bonus content, teasers, pre-order bonuses, an Easter egg treasure and DLC details along with an exclusive Takedown video for users to unlock, and this will let viewers in on some of the most brutal finishing moves seen in the game.

In another of the video sections, there is also the opportunity to check out feature vehicles and bike gameplay, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, plus special sections on the cops and triads involved. To see the new Sleeping Dogs walkthrough video our last article on the mission sample contained footage of this giving us some insight into a part called ‘Mrs Chus’ Revenge,’ and the eight minutes of gameplay shown reveals how Wei’s police connections allow him to triangulate phone calls to locate the person of interest. Are you wishing away the next couple of weeks in anticipation for Sleeping Dogs?