Mass Effect 3 double DLC detailed

Those of you concerned with the lack of single player DLC in Mass Effect 3 will be pleased to know that double DLC will be coming soon as BioWare are set to release Leviathan and Firefight content. This is a nice change from the constant attention paid to the multiplayer and details on both of these new drops are seen on the BioWare blog.

Taking place during the events of Mass Effect 3 Leviathan is a story-driven piece of DLC, in which players will have to find Leviathan and use it in the battle for the galaxy. Throughout your search you will educated in the history of the Reapers getting an insight into their origins. In an article on Slash Gear they explain that Leviathan also unlocks new areas of the Citadel to explore, and adds a couple of new weapons along with an introduction to some new characters.

Apparently, the DLC will be available later this summer for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and is expected to go for $10 or 800 MSP. The Firefight content is not as big, although it should be available sooner than the aforementioned content and this one is merely a weapons pack, which adds seven weapons, two of them being highlighted as powerful with others just classed as bonus weapons. This is also available on the same platforms for $2 or 160 MSP on the 7th of August, additionally BioWare has let us in on news that Mass Effect 3 will be a Wii U launch title, whenever the console comes out.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about more multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 mentioning Earth, N7 Classes and weapons and asked about your thoughts on this, as we spoke about questions being asked concerning the Extended Cut. In addition, our latest post discussed mixed reactions to this and the fact that rather than admit they have been wrong in the past Bioware proceed to continue moving on. Have you been waiting for some single player content to arrive?

  • Adam

    hmmm, mass effect 3’s been collecting dust for a few months now…most of the people i know have already traded it back.  bit late guys

  • Derek Geraghty

    Won’t be buying the DLC, just as I won’t be buying anything else from BioWare – no use offering us flowers after you’ve shafted us and then asking us to pay for them, BW…