Skyrim Dawnguard on PC released, PS3 MIA

With news that The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard expansion coming out on the PC many PlayStation 3 owners are now saying where’s ours and when is it going to be released. At the moment, there is no confirmation of this, and brief details on Bethesda’s Blog informs gamers that this is due to quality concerns on the console.

PlayStation 3 owners obviously want a decent finished product but they are also want it pretty soon and the firm saying that they are “not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the console”, which is now amounting to their disappointment being close to that of the fans. Reporting their comments Attack Of The Fanboy writes about Bethesda’s efforts to produce a finished article that will compliment the game, as opposed to making the experience worse.

We are starting to get the impression that there are serious issues with the content, which is relative to those PS3 owners experienced at Skyrim’s initial launch last year, and that took Bethesda some time to sort. With the Skyrim Dawnguard expansion available on Steam from today, we are hoping that they pull their finger out and rectify the issues soon, so that PlayStation 3 owners can get the chance to catch up with the rest.

News of the ‘Dawnguard’ DLC arriving on the PC is also documented on a post by Joystiq giving details of the languages it is available in and for $19.99 this will be accessible in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. They also mention that Skyrim itself is on sale today, for $29.99 and it’s also available as part of a massive “QuakeCon bundle.” Because of the delay of Dawnguard on the PS3, many gamers are suggesting that they should reduce the price and although some are happy to see that Bethesda are trying their best to give us decent content PlayStation 3 owners are suggesting this should be free, or at least heavily discounted.

In other related news, it seems that collectible figures are coming out and yesterdays post mentioned Symbiote now having the rights to make figures for The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Doom, Fallout and Quake. The first of their available toys will be a QuakeCon 2012 figurine, which comes in a swag bag, after that the Skyrim Dragonborn character will be available for a pre-order cost of $9.99. Going back to the source, do you feel that the price of Dawnguard expansion should be reduced?

  • InDIGnation

    Even as a PC owner, I’m starting to really pity PS3 players; first they have to endure several months of lag, then have to wait well over a month for DLC even after everyone else has it. I think that they deserve to get DLC before us (PC) next time.

  • Adam

    Hello again InDIGnation, once again i thank you for your empathy as a ps3 owner.  take care friend

  • DzedajMilosina

    @8b49468a3843944520c9d8fc8dcb3de1:disqus  They don’t deserve any DLC at all, The Elder scrolls should be PC exclusive, not the cheap console port it has become, every true PC gamer knows that.

    • InDIGnation

      Do you realise that when you say “don’t deserve” that you’re coming across as a bit selfish? I don’t play on consoles and never will, but perhaps you should accept that some people can’t afford to invest in a powerful gaming PC and prefer a controller. We should be joining together to defend this brilliant art form, not pathetically whine about “true” gaming.

    • Adam

       wow, any chance you’re a relation to Hitler DzedajMilosina???  Same thought process

    • ps3

      Maybe you dont desereve it your just going to mode it and use console commands to make it the easiest game ever

  • Someguy

    As a Ps3 Owner…I do not mind the delay now. I have at least had confirmation it is coming out and that’s all I need to hear. It is a game…I’m not going to get too beat up over the fact I do not have the extra content for it. I did pay the same as anyone eles..and the delay is a little frustrating..but you know what…Bethesda has told us it’s coming…and the reason..performace and bug issues! so of course I’m happy it’s not released yet. Surely people would want it once it’s been perfected..rather than releasing it as unplayable content. Any company would release it once it’s do so otherwise would be bad for business. At least they say it’s coming…and have appologised for the delay…that’s good enough for me