GTA 5 success or failure over hype

When Rockstar first announced that they were working on Grand Theft Auto V we thought that after the initial trailer we would not be waiting long for new details, but here we are more than 8 months later and all we have to show for it since then are two screenshots and they were making good progress with the development of GTA 5.

We’ve already talked about how fans of the franchise have the patience of a saint, but this was a while ago now and with Rockstar still staying quiet and only releasing two screenshots since they said they would release more details in a few months, well one has to wonder if they are doing enough to keep their fans happy?

Personally we believe that whatever Rockstar does during its development of GTA V the fans will wait until more information is shared or the game is released rather than say they will not buy a copy of the game – but there’s still a small risk that the hype of this game could point to success or failure.

The reason we say this is because with most games that are in development they get to droll over an abundance of information, trailers and screenshots. Now we know that this has been mentioned before in regards to Rockstar, but they did share more details with Max Payne 3 than they have with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title, then again that franchise is nowhere near as popular – maybe sharing too much is what has hurt sales of MP3?

Since the announcement of GTA V there has been a great deal of speculation, the most recent being could the game actually be a next-gen release considering how late Rockstar are leaving it close to the end of the current-gen consoles? Some gamers have already said that if this were the case then they would have to miss out on Grand Theft Auto V, but we would say to them do not worry because this would certainly point to the failure of the game. We have said on a number of occasions that it would be a silly decision if Rockstar were to release GTA 5 on the PS4 or the next Xbox because of the user base. Then again maybe Rockstar will release the game on current-gen and also on next-gen once released, but that is certainly a long shot?

There’s nothing worse than knowing too much about a game ahead of its release, we believe that the hype helps to keep fans focused on the game and by sharing too much information will leave nothing to their imagination, but what do you think?

  • Dymez

    This is a really poor article.

  • Who Is Osiris?

    Sorry to say, but the person who wrote this article, and probably most of the articles that bring up GTA V on this site for that matter is a fanboy. Simply put, theres all the talk about the speculation but never any real news on it. I’m a huge GTA fan myself, but not to the point where it seems that when theres literally only one bit of new news about it (If you don’t know what it is by now, lets just say its a bit RELIGIOUS), you practically spam this website with the most obvious of things we all know, R* hasn’t released a new trailer since November of 2011, all the speculation about when it will be released changing your guesses from late 2012 to early 2013, to irritable “fanboys” demanding an explanation like its owed to them, to posting vids of a fake “early development” demo of the game, its just downright terrible. Theres a massive amount of other video games being developed and your only focused on GTA V? Come on, stop writing these types of articles that just state things that no one really cares about concerning the game and just be patient like everyone else.
    and FYI, the hype about the game now has died down massively because the last trailer came out last year, when R* does release a more detailed trailer, the hype for the game is going to be utterly ridiculous.

  • Who Is Osiris?

    i was writing to fast to care…

    • SkidRow

      No. You’re illiterate.

      • Brum

        learn what that means before you use it troll. if they were illiterate, their spelling would either be not that good, or they wouldn’t be able to write. shh troll, learn before you judge others on their learning skills

        • Who Is Osiris

          Thank you for pointing that out, too many people acting like they’re the “vocab police” as if no one has made a spelling error or 2.

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  • Mr Whoopsie

    Whoever keeps writing these ridiculous articles ought to be shot. If you had some real information or anything worth writing about, great, but this site just comes out with the same old crap!

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      Well, that escalated quickly.

  • James1811

    Surely the quality of the finished product matters more than the promotion in the build up that surrounds it? Unlike Activision, Rockstar have a less aggressive marketing strategy – its cheaper and allows the developers to dedicate their attention soley to the task rather than having spoon-feed the media on a consistent basis. A name like GTA needs little promotion and I’d rather be patient and have an excellent product rather than be wooed and wowed only for the game to be mediocre. CoD is hyped and usually disappoints due to gamers being fooled by promotion that doesn’t reflect the quality of the released game.

    I give full credit to Rockstar; they have released a trailer out of the blue which looked incredible and
    Dan Houser said not to expect a release for upwards for 15 months or so. They have been honest from day one and regardless of how few screenshots we’ve had; the game is destined to shape up immaculately. Screenshots offer nothing but pretty pictures anyway and won’t make the game come out any sooner.

    All this negativity is just puzzling.

    • whereisit

      can we see proof of your claim? that dan houser actually said that? i don’t disbelieve you, i don’t believe you

  • olguymooji

    I agree with ‘who is oriris?’. There has for once been something newsworthy concerning gta 5 and they’ve missed it after all these pointless articles!

  • Peter Chubb

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  • matteatsmidgets

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    Peter Chubb, go write another article about the same sh*t, it’s the only reason why people know your name, and now whenever I see an article about GTA V written by you, I scroll right to the bottom to read everyone else’s comments, they provide more insight and a more intriguing read, with your journalism skills, reading this crap you call an article makes me want to rip out my ass hairs by the handful, you sorry piece of garbage!

  • Joee

    I’ve played All the assain’s creed, arkham games, Prototype and other rockstar la noire and rdr. Grand Theft auto IV is still my favorite open world game. Im not worried