FIFA 13 for the Wii U improves tactical power

We have already heard about the Kinect features being utilized for FIFA 13 and now it seems that the next installment of the popular football franchise should expect even more useful options on the Wii U. Nintendo’s next console is expected to improve tactical power with the help of the Gamepad, and this will bring gamers closer to the touchline adding to the immersion of this highly anticipated title.

Although FIFA 12 has had a decent reception, some may suggest that games like this have slowed down in the evolutionary process yet there is still more to come in the world of soccer titles and FIFA 13 looks set to embrace distinctive features on the consoles of the future. In an article on CVG, they write about this game getting a next gen reboot and highlight the amount of uses this tablet feature will have, and one of the main things will be the opportunity to make changes without breaking up the play with everything from subs and formations to changing positions, with a cleaner, more intuitive interface.

This aspect of the game go uninterrupted while the opposition is in a position of the game where you feel confident to make the right decisions while your opponent is passing the ball around their half of taking a goal kick, which is not seen to be a vital situation. Another option discussed is those situations when the opposition starts bringing on subs, which can lead to unrest for those waiting. In addition, secrecy is something that will be idea,l as those wanting to change a formation can do so without letting anyone in on your plan and this also goes for moving players around the park.

In other relative news, last week we spoke about EA’s newest video game technology, as the 3D face capture system shows how FIFA 13 is applying more realism to this title by using head scans of star players, we also mentioned that PES 2013 is planning to come out first for a change. Before that, we highlighted the Kinect features also being used in the same fashion to the Wii U with an easier way to make quick decisions without referring to the menu every time you want to change tactics.

It will be interesting to see if Sony starts implementing similar options with either this console or the next. Do you think this is one of the most noticeable features to be implemented in a football game so far? Maybe you have other ideas that would also make a big difference.

  • keed78

    I thought that FIFA lacks tactical freedom which PES still delivers