Minecraft 2 wish list

When it comes to making improvements on the last game it is hard to think what you would expect from Minecraft 2, especially in terms of concept and execution. By looking at a wish list some insightful comments may be the best way for gamers to think of more ideas that could be adapted.

It has been suggested that it would be like trying to improve Lego and we are not interested in changing the whole fundamentals of the game, but we are intrigued about ways this could be an even more enjoyable experience. Discussing what they would like to see CVG highlight the fact that although they love the blocky, retro art direction they would also appreciate some high-definition paint, and they show a video of Silicon Studio’s 3D Dot Game Hero, which looks great on the PlayStation 3.

Giving those friends something interesting to do, instead of destroying your precious hard work would be a good idea, along with a bigger selection of multiplayer modes, such as a Team Fortress 2-esque class based competitive game and maybe a pre-populated server list built into the main game would be advantageous. Interaction between the numerous versions of Minecraft is another one to add to their demanding list and in addition, some suggestions from gamers have asked whether they should add some of the features that made Terraria good, with occasional outbursts of monsters.

Being more complex and having better graphics, shades and textures have all been mentioned as ways to enhance the sequel and this is documented in our recent post on Minecraft effects and improvements. In this, we write about head developer Jens ’Jeb’ Bergensten and his comments about the new block known at present as the ‘Adventure Mode Control Block’, and this will allow players to add commands for changing difficulty on the go and to teleport the players around. What would you put on your wish list for Minecraft 2?