WWE 13 most accurate version to date

Every installment of a game is expected to evolve and get better and the same can definitely be said for the upcoming WWE 13 title, as this version looks set to be the most accurate version to date. Sometimes it can just be the finer details that can added to give a title something new and although there is much to be anticipated in this next wrestling game, it’s nice to see that what fans enjoy is the main concern.

Those who are fans of The Miz will glad to know that his character model has had some attention paid to his attire and in an article on Captain Star Ball they highlight previous games where you never saw the man in question coming into the ring with his jacket. In WWE 13 a fan’s question has been answered as it was quizzed whether The Miz’s character model will be changed this year considering his ring wardrobe has stayed the same since Smackdown vs. Raw 2011.

Along with a variation of his trunks THQ are adding his entrance jacket this year and this news comes courtesy of Cory Ledesma via Twitter, which is good to see, as this shows that THQ are trying each year to be as accurate as possible to the real thing. In other news Examiner, report the online feedback along with a new arena and similar controls. The fan’s eye for details have given the company behind WWE 13 the opportunity to brush up any added requirements to make this more realistic and they seem to enjoy adapting to the feedback.

A recent confirmation on a new arena shows the classic 1998 Survivor Series Arena as part of this years “Attitude Era,” and in addition, those hoping to use the familiar control configurations will be pleased to know that no major changes have been made to the control mechanics. Another good sign is that THQ is looking to make the online gaming experience for WWE ’13 as smooth and enjoyable as possible, unlike previous editions, which shows they have definitely considered the responses.

Last week we let our readers in on a WWE 13 news roundup of everything that’s been reported of late while we wait for information on a full roster. Before that, we also highlighted a few WWE 13 pre-order deals that have started and we are interested to know what you like to see as a pre-order incentive?