Diablo 3 success and recent problems

You cannot deny how successful Diablo 3 has become, although it is fair to say that it has had its share of problems of late, and when you look at how the sales figures have done it is easy to say that this is one of the most popular PC games to date. The figures speak for themselves although some may question this number even though Diablo 3 has sold 10 million.

Apparently, World of War subscriptions have felt the wrath of this with drops of one million in 3 months and Eurogamer has reported the earnings announced by Activision in a recent article. In this, they write about the rise of Diablo 3 as the fastest selling PC game of all-time, even though they do highlight that those having World of Warcraft annual passes got the game for free.

Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime, mentions the challenges involved in bringing Diablo 3 to the PC and that the dip concerning WoW has happened before with other expansions and this time it could be more about gamers taking sometime out to play Diablo 3. Some questions have been asked whether the amount registered are actually happy with the game and a recent report by ibtimes writes about this game being the subject of various hacks and destabilizing network crashes.

Plenty of comments by gamers have been reported recently concerning issues with vanishing virtual goods and money, and this is not just about using an account to obtain virtual gold to get better loot in the game, this is also to do with scammers trying to exploit the game and earn money for nothing. Blizzard are aware of this and the real problem is with gold farming as more practice spreads making their Battle.net server less reliable. This is causing them to look into introducing gold sales to the auction house to prevent these third-party transactions from continuing.

Some issues are still being reporting in the official forums, one of the problems is initializing Diablo 3, and to see some of the comments on this topic head over to Battlenet.com. Have you had problems with the Blizzard Launcher being stuck on initializing?