Forward Unto Dawn prepares Halo 4 for launch

A live action webseries that will debut on October 5, 2012 and run until the 6th of November release of Halo 4 is known as Forward Unto Dawn, and this is the ideal way to build up hype for the game’s launch. The series was announced back in April and will be a massive investment in comparison to other Halo games.

Not much has been divulged as of yet other than the plot, cast and director details, which were announced by Microsoft at the San Diego Comic-Con. Forward Unto Dawn is not just about marketing the game but also a great way to introduce newcomers to the series, as the idea is to also make the game accessible to those who are not familiar with Halo.

This is expected to be an authentic and big introduction from a narrative standpoint and in this, viewers will get the opportunity to embrace the background before the game even hits the shelves. The hype surrounding Halo 4 is already developing plenty of interest and some of those not familiar with the series are now looking at this to give them a break from some of the other game’s series that are starting to wear a bit thin. To get an insight into Forward Unto Dawn we have embedded an official full-length trailer for you to check out below.

Those eager to see some behind the scenes images are pointed in the direction of The Game Are you glad Forward Unto Dawn will be accessible while you look forward to Halo 4? Maybe you have only just become interested in the game and feel that Forward Unto Dawn will be able to fill you in on what you need to know in time for the game’s release. Let us know your thoughts on the Forward Unto Dawn video below.