GTA 5 dev may release Agent on PS4

A PlayStation 3 exclusive by GTA’s developer Rockstar is in the pipeline, although it has been said that this has been expected for sometime, and some have forgot about it altogether. The game known as Agent has apparently been in the works for a while now, and even though it is touted to be a PS3 title, we are interested to know whether this will actually end up on the next generation console.

Agent is expected to be a stealth action video game exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and President/CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton announced this title during their E3 2009 press conference, but the logo on show has given cause for speculation. In an article on TheGamerAccess they show a brief video giving an explanation of this expected to be a massive open world game, that has the PS3 logo which was changed three years ago, adding to rumors of this coming around in time for the PS4. It has been suggested that a part of the Rockstar development team are focusing on the next gen console and that this could be a home for Agent.

With no gameplay and limited information, many questions are being asked and while Jack Tretton was clear on stating Agent would be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, we get the impression that by the time it is ready to hit the shelves the new console will be here. Some gamers also feel that Agent will end up as a multiplatform game and it seems that too much has been invested for it to be cancelled, or just remain exclusive to one platform.

Many GTA fans are more interested in Rockstar concentrating on Gran Theft Auto V, and would rather see Agent cancelled, so that they can focus on the game at hand. If you ask others, some feel that this game will not see the light of day and if it does become an eventuality there is a big chance it will be on all next gen consoles. An exclusive for the PS4 would make money but there is more chance this would become a decent seller if it was also available on the Xbox 720 and the Wii U. Mixed responses to this news also mention that Sony will still want to support their current console, and an exclusive to the PS3 would be the ideal way to keep those who wont rush out and buy the PS4.

In other news, our previous post looks at the initial PS4 release and the fact that it needs to exceed expectations although it has been suggested that it will be 10 times more powerful than the current console, but this seems a bit far-fetched. With many gamers still satisfied with their current systems until Sony and Microsoft release their next machines, many eyes will be on what the Wii U has to offer. In relation to the original report had you forgotten about this title altogether and are skeptical whether it will come out? On the other hand, do you think Agent will be a next gen game?

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  • joay

    Just some info for the writer, an eventuality is defined as something that had a possibility of occurring. Therefore Agent IS an eventuality, it isn’t “becoming an eventuality.”

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  • sasquatch

    ah joay when you’re visit gaming sites and correct them on writing dont you feel like a right nob when it takes you two minutes to realize your own mistake!! I dont give a damn about Agent, i want GTA 5 now!

  • Cedric Cole

    Next gen really its a bit too early for that and the site you got this from is wrong too

  • frustrated

    why did they announce GTA 5 in 2011 and let everyone think it will be a current gen game in 2012 then nothing and release the game in what could be 2013? gta 5 is getting annoying now. no trolls, i don’t want to fight you, i will still be getting the game if it comes out before 1st of Jan 2013 after that, i wont be able to get it

    • Jdkend

      I’m curious as to what you mean by “after that, I won’t be able to get it”?

      • frustrated

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  • simms

    This is total bullshit…. i want gta v

  • yo!

    i given up on this title, much like ff versus 13, its dead in the water

    • kaz

      I’ve been waiting for Versus 13 since 2006! gave up last year when ff 13 had been out a year already with still no news on versus.. (if i’m honest i still have the tiniest bit of hope though) the trailer too is too good!! =(

  • person A

    i love how there’s no concrete evidence to say that it will b a next gen game, only that a ps3 logo isnt there anymore, and for all the people losing patience wid gta 5, look at l.a noire im sure that was on rockstars website back in 07, just be thankful it wont b 3 or 4 years til gta

  • Legion

    GTA5 News no ? By by then.