Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Android games

One of the best Android smartphones right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3, so if you’re an app gamer then you might be wondering what the best Android games are for this flagship smartphone? We have taken a look at some of the best, if you love a game that is missing then hit the comments, and these are shown in the videos below this article.

Some may feel that the screen size is rather imposing when the initially pick it up but once you experience its HD resolution that displays videos in high quality this device is outshining most of the competition. The size itself is ideal for gaming and with more room for touch-screen controls, certain titles like Sonic and the Amazing Spider-Man are more enjoyable than on the Galaxy S2.

Speed is another factor with 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip and 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity this is regarded as one of the quickest handsets out there, and the best Android phone at present. As far as games are concerned, you can see some in the footage below and one user gives their top 10 games on the Samsung Galaxy S3 showing brief glimpses of gameplay from titles like Shadow Gun, Temple Run, Sonic, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave, Reckless Racing 2 and Grand Theft Auto.

In the others, separate gameplay videos of Dead Trigger and Nova 3 also look pretty impressive showing decent controls and great graphics. What do you think of the games on this device? Do you have a favorite game for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or other high-end Android smartphones?


  • OlafBiggles

    I do not like games that try to simulate a console controller. I have very fat thumbs, like pigs tits, and I find it very difficult to control. You don’t know if your thumbs are in the right place, since you can’t feel any difference. Maybe if I was to try a game like this on a tablet, I would have less trouble.
    But for now, I will stick to games that require less accuracy in this respect. Things like tower defense, and angry birds. I do love FPS games, but playing them on a phone is depressing. I rate my FPS skills on a console in the top 20% of players. Playing a similar game on a phone, I’d probably be bottom 20%.
    Maybe with practice, I could get a bit better. But I’d never quite escape the disadvantage of MASSIVE THUMBS!

  • Toni

    at OlafBiggles – mate, lose some weight. Playing FPS games on this phone is amazing.