New Black Ops 2 trailer lacks zombies

The new Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal trailer shows some great gameplay that looks pretty impressive but the fact that it lacks zombies could be a let down for those who are more interested in this mode to anything else the game has to offer. Many fans out there would rather play zombies to the survival mode found in the last Call of Duty game, so we are siding with them and asking, why this trailer has nothing on this?

It’s fair to say that many gamers will only buy Black Ops 2 for the zombie action as a growing number prefer this mode to others, and although the trailer does show some great scenes from the upcoming game there is a vital part lacking. Black Ops II is out on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on November 13th and gamers are now calling for some of this aspect to be shown soon, as this title does looks pretty impressive and the trailer is good but questions have been asked about whether this will be as good as it seems in the video.

The things we do not see in trailers have also raised concerns and questions have been asked whether this version will have plenty of bullet lag or how good the spawn lag is going to be, or how big the maps are. If you asked gamers what they think, we can guarantee that mixed opinions would be on offer, but if we look at the positives of Black Ops 2, we can see that Treyarch are listening to their fans. In our recent post, we spoke about the branching storylines throughout the campaign, which will involve various consequences as far as the plot development is concerned.

Although the lack of information on this aspect has been highly documented a couple of months ago we wrote about the zombie improvements expected in Black Ops 2, with the zombies part being built from the ground up in this version, some competitive modes will be on offer as well as the multiplayer mode. To see the official reveal trailer for yourself watch the video below and let us in on your thoughts. Are you having zombie withdrawal symptoms from the lack of information?


  • Masoom

    Hmmm where are the thoughts

  • barry1982

    Give us zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzombies!

  • Christopher Clark

    PLZ just show us a sneak peak at zombies, I have said from WaW if they made just a zombie game they would make millions, and have said if they put it on the multy enginethe game modes and what u could do with it are limitless

  • Shayne

    Black Ops 2 will suck in campaign and MP, zombies is the only good thing. Show us zombs.