Risen 2 PS3 and Xbox 360 reviews

Risen 2: Dark Waters is a single-player action RPG that revolves around the world of Caribbean pirates with everything from monsters, ancient gods, and voodoo magic to encounter. To get an overall view of what’s involved we have browsed though some reviews on both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to get an insight.

Set several years after the end of Risen this sequel is an ambitious open world role-player and a PlayStation 3 review by Metro gives us the impression that it is not as good as we expected. In connection to the original PC version, they feel that there is more in the way of issues make this a frustrating and repetitive title. The leveling system is one of the better aspects that show promise and with the multiple skills on offer, there is fun to be had, along with the joy of possessing your own pirate ship.

The visuals are viewed as attractive, but these elements are intermittent and the missions do not have much substance to them. From their perspective, too much focus has been put on low-grade combat and level grinding, in addition they felt the script and voice acting is poor. Plenty of technical issues can be found in Risen 2: Dark Waters and those expecting an open world role-player to rival Skyrim will be deeply disappointed as this may have some similarities but getting around the giant open world is tedious and frustrating, especially with a near useless compass.

An overall score of 3 out of 10 is not a great outcome for Risen 2 considering the high expectations and they highlight the Air Temple DLC as free extra involving Gargoyles, but also feel that this is another poor attempt, which just adds to the overall disappointment. To get another perspective a review by Destructoid looks at Risen 2 on all systems including the Xbox 360 and they feel that the intension is there to create something special but the problems hold it back. Their overall score was pretty good and with a rating of 7 out of 10 they feel that this game is potentially a great idea but not executed with the same passion.

Plenty of design faults are mentioned yet the game somehow seems to have that element of fun, even though it still fails to compete with the big guns of action RPGs. With two contrasting reviews, it is hard to get an understanding of what is store with Risen 2 so we have embedded a Dark Waters Xbox gameplay video below to see it in action. Considering this is only part one, those of you who want to see more we suggest you head over to this YouTube link to see all 15 parts of the Xbox 360 gameplay. What is your impression of Risen 2: Dark Waters?