Sleeping Dogs hits PS3 in 6 days

The chance to experience Sleeping Dogs is nearly here, with it coming to the PS3 in 6 days we are sure this is going to be a title to make our summer. Releasing on the 14th of August in the States those of you in the UK and other European countries will have to hold on for a few more days as the release is not expected until the 17th of August.

Sleeping Dogs is said to have the best combat you’ll get in an open world game and with a mix of martial arts action and undercover cops versus Triads chases this is one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. As you take up the role of detective Wei Shen, your aim is to infiltrate the deadly Triad organization on the streets of Hong Kong. With great story driven missions, Sleeping Dogs involves plenty of voice talent and characters played by the likes of Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson, Lucy Lui and several Eastern cinema A-listers giving it that movie blockbuster feel.

On the Sleeping Dogs Night Market website, those who can’t wait a week can keep occupied by checking out a wealth of bonus content including an Easter egg treasure, teasers, pre-order bonuses and DLC details, along with an exclusive Takedown video for you to unlock showing some of Sleeping Dogs most brutal finishing moves. To find out more from the executive producer an article on EL33TONLINE gives us more insight with some of the questions and answers that relate to the game.

Stephen van der Mescht from United Front Games explains some of the details behind the game and when asked why it was called Sleeping Dogs, he referred to the proverb “let sleeping dogs lie,” which gives of the impression that the main protagonist will have to tread carefully throughout the game. Although it seems that, he also could be a sleeping dog. When asked about choosing Hong Kong and a Triad background he basically regards this as an ideal setting for an open world experience that hasn’t been done before and with this, Triads and Martial arts also feature.

When asked about the elements in which this title excels at, his response focused on two things. First up is the melee combat that can be seamless when it comes to free running, fighting, shooting, disarming enemies, using the environment and moving between vehicles. Secondly, the pace of the game will involve plenty of continuous intense action; additionally there is a lot of focus on character’s growth. Condensing his answers, we understand that the main story will take about 20 hours depending on your play style and there is over 40 hours of content in the game.

There are multiple costumes to purchase throughout the game and the character is also able to upgrade his skills in three different categories, and with help from UFC’s Georges St-Pierre many of the core moves were advised, so there are a couple of his signature moves in the game in his DLC pack. In relation to the Sleeping Dogs Night Market, last week we informed our readers on the bonus content including Easter Eggs, and what else can be found on the site. Today we have some Sleeping Dogs footage known as the Developer Diary: Police Investigation, which you will find embedded below. Are you expecting to get hold of Sleeping Dogs next week? Let us know what you think of the video.